rhino-, rhin-, -rhine, -rrhine, -rhinous, -rrhinous

(Greek: nose)

Inspection of the rhinopharynx and posterior nares with a rhinoscopic mirror.
A reference to a bat that has a nose-leaf, or leaf-like appendage on the nose; leaf-nosed. Specifically, on of the Phyllorhinina.
platyrrhine, platyrhine: flat-nose monkey
1. In zoology, a monkey belonging to the infraorder Platyrrhini of the order Primates, distinguished by a flattened nose with widely separated nostrils facing outwards and including most of the New World monkeys.
2. Of or pertaining to this group of monkeys which have the nose, or the nasal bones, flat or broad; a platyrrhine person or skull.
1. Having the nose, or the nasal bones, flat or broad.
2. Characterized by a nose of large width in proportion to its length.
Behind the nose or behind the olfactory lobe of the brain.
Having the nostrils feathered.
rhinaesthesia, rhinesthesia (s) (noun), rhinaesthesias; rhinesthesias (pl)
1. The sense of smell: The rhinaesthesia of some members of the perfume industry is well-known and valued.
2. Etymology: from Greek, rhis, rhin-, "nose" + esthesia, "feeling, sensation".
rhinal (adjective) (not comparable)
1. Relating to or connected with the nose; nasal.
2. Pertaining to those parts of the brain concerned with the sense of smel
rhinalgia (s) (noun), rhinalgias (pl)
A pain in the nose; also, "rhinodynia".
rhinallergosis (noun), rhinallergoses (pl)
Allergic inflammation or a burning feeling of the nose.
rhinarium (s) (noun); rhinariums, rhinaria (pl)
1. The space between the anterior edge of the nose and the lip: Hank was very proud to be growing a luxuriant mustache on his rhinarium.
2. In mammals, the extremity of the nose; especially, when hairless and habitually moist: Brenda's cat often nudges her with its rhinarium when it wants attention.
3. The area of hairless skin surrounding the nostrils in some animals: Mary's dog got in a fight with a porcupine and had some spines stuck into his rhinarium which caused a great deal of pain.
rhinectomy (s) (noun), rhinectomies (pl)
An excision of the external nose either completely or part of it: A total rhinectomy is usually considered only for patients with extensive tumors of this part of the body.
Swelling of the nasal mucous membrane.