rhino-, rhin-, -rhine, -rrhine, -rhinous, -rrhinous

(Greek: nose)

Pertaining to or caused by rhinoviruses.
Any of a subgroup of the picornaviruses considered to be etiologically associated with the common cold and certain other upper respiratory ailments.
Said of birds having a single, slit-like, bony nostril opening and in which the anterior border of the nasal bones is deeply cleft.
septorhinoplasty (s) (noun), septorhinoplasties (pl)
A combined operation to repair defects or deformities of the nasal devision and the external nasal pyramid: "Cosmetic, or septorhinoplasty, is surgery that is done to improve the appearance of a person's nose in order to restore a person's preinjury appearance or to create a normal appearance."

"Laura arranged to have a septorhinoplasty because her nose was broken in an accident so she asked a doctor to perform the facial cosmetic procedure in order to enhance the appearance of her nose during which, the nasal cartilage and bones would be modified, and if necessary, tissue would also be added."

Deformity of the nose of monstrous proportions or shape.
trichorhinophalangeal syndrome
A condition characterized by sparse fine hair, broad nose with a long philtrum, swollen middle phalanges with cone-shaped epiphyses, and growth retardation.