logo-, log-, -logia, -logic, -logical, -logism, -logician, -logian, -logue

(Greek: talk, speak; speech; word; a person who speaks in a certain manner; someone who deals with topics or subjects)

Words that utilize -ology are in a separate unit. All -ology words can be made into -ologistic forms.

Words having a metrical rhythm.
logaphasia, logophasia
1. A speech, or writing defect, resulting from damage to the brain.
2. A defect, or loss, of the ability to speak or to write.
3. Motor aphasia, usually the result of a cerebral lesion.
One whose enthusiasm for words outstrips his knowledge of them.
1. Mental impairment characterized by a defective ability to understand the spoken word.
2. Disturbance of that faculty of the mind that deals with speech.
Superstition about a particular word.
logion (s); logia, (pl)
Maxim of a religious teacher or some other significant saying; especially, a saying of Jesus unrecorded in the Gospels (or one of the so-called agrapha) or one of certain sayings of Mohammed.
1. This is equal to “logotype”, that is a single piece of typeface with a composite, like a slogan, a trademark, and/or an emblem; therefore, an identifying statement or symbol.
2. A design used by an organization on its letterhead advertising material, and signs as an emblem by which the organization can easily be recognized.
To kill a word or any attempt to eliminate or to destroy a word.
logoclonia, logoklony
1. Spasmodic repetition of the end, or last, syllables of words.
2. Reiterative utterances of parts of words; reported frequently in Alzheimer disease.
logocracy (s) (noun), logocracies (pl)
A system of government that uses the power of words: In a logocracy, a devious or crafty use of words can manipulate people and create a power over others.

The word logocracy can signify a meaning in a positive, an ironical, or in a negative sense.

Someone who is cunning. ingenious, or intricate in the use of words. This term is related to Daedalus, the Athenian artificer of Greek mythology who designed the famed Labyrinth for the Minotaur of Crete.
1. Arbitrary coinage of words; word skill.
2. The imaginative or capricious coining of new words.
Rapid, voluble (excessive) speech.
logofascinated (adjective), more logofascinated, most logofascinated
Conveying a strong attraction to words or vocabulary.
1. One who legislates about words.
2. A self-styled authority on words.

Literally, “a leader or guider in words, and someone who is a language legislator or dictator, a person who lays down rules about words.”

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