hypno-, hypn-

(Greek: sleep)

The process of inducing or entering sleep or a hypnotic state.
A woman is just falling asleep after reading in her book.
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hypnogenic (adjective)
Descriptive of producing hypnosis or sleep: One form of a hypnogenic process is a spot that, upon being touched by a person, puts him/her to sleep.
Arising from a state of hypnosis, such as unconscious material uncovered during the course of hypnoanalysis.
hypnogogic startle (s) (noun), hypnogogic startles (pl)
At the beginning of sleep, a sudden body jerk or jerks that result in at least temporary awakening.
Resembling a state of hypnosis or sleep.
A reference to a condition between sleep and waking; resembling sleep.
The induction of hypnosis.
A chronic ailment that consists of recurrent attacks of drowsiness and sleep during daytime; narcolepsy.

The patient is unable to control these spells of sleep but is easily awakened. These attacks may be distinguished from ordinary drowsiness following a meal by the frequency of the occurrence of such attacks, their irresistibility, and their happening in unusual circumstances; such as, while eating, standing, or conversing.

A specialist in the phenomena of sleep and/or hypnosis.
The science or study of or that part of physiological science that deals with the phenomena of sleep and hypnosis.
A mania or excessive desire for sleeping.
Difficulty in going to sleep; insomnia.
hypnonarcoanalysis (s) (noun), hypnonarcoanalyses (pl)
A psychiatric activity combining hypnosis with a drug-induced sedation.
hypnonarcosis (s) (noun), hypnonarcoses (pl)
A combination of hypnosis and narcosis.
hypnopathy (s) (noun), hypnopathies (pl)
Any sleeping disorder caused by an illness: Lance was suffering from unrefreshing sleep, and thought that he must have a case of hypnopathy and went to see his doctor about finding out the reason for this unhealthy mode of sleeping.
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