-cola, -colas; -cole; -colent; -colid; -coline; -colous

(Latin: to inhabit; to live in, to live on, to live among; to dwell; living among, dwelling in; occurring on, occurring in)

Suffixes that refer to the location or an area of growth. Used primarily in botanical and biological terminology to indicate a plant or an organism that is characterized by a habitat or place of existence as indicated by the combining root.

The suffix -cole is derived from Latin colere, "to inhabit, to dwell, to live".

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poocolous (adjective), more poocolous, most poocolous
potamicole (verb), potamicoles; potamicoled; potamicoling: river
To live or to thrive in rivers.

Some creatures that potamicole are the following:

  • Platypus, East Australia, Tasmania
potamicoline (adjective), more potamicoline, most potamicoline
Relating to creatures living or thriving in rivers.
potamicolous (adjective), more potamicolous, most potamicolous
pratinicole (verb), pratinicoles; pratinicoled; pratinicoling: grass, meadow
Living in grassland and meadowlands.
pratinicoline (adjective), more pratinicoline, most pratinicoline
pratinicolous (adjective), more pratinicolous, most pratinicolous
A reference to life in grasslands and meadowlands.
psamathocole (verb), psamathocoles; psamathocoled; psamathocoling: sand
Thriving in the strandline of a sandy seashore.

A strandline is a line on the shore that consists of debris that has been deposited by a receding tide; commonly used to indicate the line of debris at the level of extreme high water.

psammocole (verb), psammocoles; psammocoled; psammocoling
Living in sandy habitats: "There are organisms that psammocole or move through sand."
psicole (verb), psicoles; psicoled; psicoling: prairies
Dwelling in prairies or savannahs.
psicolous (adjective), more psicolous, most psicolous
psilicole (verb), psilicoles; psilicoled; psilicoling
Dwelling in prairie or savannah habitats.
psilicolous (adjective), more psilicolous, most psilicolous
psychrocole (verb), psychrocoles; psychrocoled; psychrocoling: cool
Existing in low temperatures.
psychrocolous (adjective), more psychrocolous, most psychrocolous
Referring to microorganisms that thrive and have an optimum growth below 20 degrees Centigrade.

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