-cide, -cides, -cidal

(Latin: a suffix; kill, killer; murder, to cause death, slayer; cutter; “to cut down”)

Don’t confuse this element with the another -cide that means “to cut”; although -cide, “death”, is related to -cise, -cide, “to cut down”.

The killing of lice.
The killing of partridges; partridge killing.
persistent pesticide, hard pesticide
A pesticide compound that remains in the environment for relatively long periods.

The extent of its persistence depends on several factors; such as, the tkype of soil, iots moisture, temperature, and pH, and the extent of cultivation and cover crops.

pesticide residue
The amount of any pesticide remaining on or in food or beverages intended for human consumption.
pesticide, pesticidal
A substance for destroying pests; especially, insects.
petracide (verb), petracides; petracided; petraciding
To destroy ancient stone buildings or monuments: Television news have been showing terrorists in some middle eastern countries who are petracidig ancient relics.
phytocide, phytocidal
Lethal or injurious to plants.
A substance poisonous to fish; thus, killing fish (fish killer).
1. The killing of fish.
2. A substance poisonous to fish; thus, killing fish (fish killer).
The killing of malarial parasites.
poultrycide, poultrycidal
Killing poultry.
The killing of offspring; specifically, the crime of destroying offspring either before or soon after birth.
1. The crime of destroying one's offspring, either in the womb or after birth.
2. The killing of one's child.

Prolicide is the act of killing offspring, either before or soon after birth. It is meant to include both infanticide (intentionally causing the death of an infant), and abortion (the killing of a fetus).

The word "prolicide" derives from the Latin words proles meaning "offspring" and caedere meaning "to cut" or "to kill".

Destructive to, or that which kills, protozoa or protozoans.
pseudocide, pseudocidal
A pretended attempt at suicide, undertaken with the intention of failure; one who makes such an attempt.

Related "death, dead; kill" units: lethal-; mort-; neci-; necro-; phono-; thanato-.