-cide, -cides, -cidal

(Latin: a suffix; kill, killer; murder, to cause death, slayer; cutter; “to cut down”)

Don’t confuse this element with the another -cide that means “to cut”; although -cide, “death”, is related to -cise, -cide, “to cut down”.

cybercide (s) (noun), cybercides (pl)
The killing of a person’s projected virtual persona or character in the internet community: Cybercide may be part of a Virtual Reality Game, an act of vandalism, a multiplayer game, or on an internet chat room.

A Virtual Reality Game presents cybercides in which there is a hypothetical three-dimensional visual world created by a computer. The user wears special goggles and fiber optic gloves etc., and can enter and move around in this virtual world and interact with objects as if he or she were inside it.

The killing of cells.
The killing of a czar (tsar).
deicide, deicidal
1. The act of killing a god or goddess.
2. Killing a divine being or a representation of a divinity.
A man is destroying or killing the representative statue of a god.
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A man is destroying the representation of a god which in effect is killing that divine being.

The killing of a master or one who kills a master.
1. Destruction or damage of the environment; especially intentionally; for example, by herbicides in war.
2. Heedless or deliberate destruction of the natural environment, as by pollutants or an act of war.
Killing elephants or an elephant.
episcopicide, episcopacide
The crime of murdering a bishop.
epizoicide (ep" i ZOH i sighed) (s) (noun), epizoicides (pl)
An agent destructive to or which kills epizoa: Greg read about an epizoicide that was supposed to get rid of the fleas on his dog.
The deliberate and systematic destruction of the culture of an ethnic group; especially, within a larger community.
A destroyer of one’s reputation; slanderer.
1. Relieving or reducing fever.
2. Any agent that relieves or reduces fever.
The killing of fever or anything that reduces a fever.
felicide (s) (noun), felicides (pl)
Killing a cat or cats; feline-slaughter: In Medieval times, the townspeople would engage in felicide, killing all the cats because they were suspected of being evil creatures.
femicide, femicidal (rare: feminicide)
1. One who kills a woman.
2. The killing of a woman.

For example, AIDS in Africa has been termed "mass femicide".

Femicide is in contrast to the literal meaning of homicide, meaning "the killing of men".

Related "death, dead; kill" units: lethal-; mort-; neci-; necro-; phono-; thanato-.