-cide, -cides, -cidal

(Latin: a suffix; kill, killer; murder, to cause death, slayer; cutter; “to cut down”)

Don’t confuse this element with the another -cide that means “to cut”; although -cide, “death”, is related to -cise, -cide, “to cut down”.

tyrannicide (s) (noun), tyrannicides (pl)
1. The slayer of a tyrant: In the story Jim read, the tyrannicide killed the oppressor of his family.
2. The killing of a despot: Tyrannicide describes the slaying of an authoritarian, slave-driver, dictator, etc.
The killing of a city.
ursicide (s) (noun), urisicides (pl)
The killing of bears.
1. The killing of one’s wife or the murder of a wife by her husband.
2. The murdering of one's own wife or the man who kills his wife.
vaccicide (s), vaccicides (pl) (nouns)
That which kills cows.
1. The killing of a prophet.
2. Killing a prophet or a prophet killer.
1. The deliberate distortion of the sense of a word (as in punning).
2. May also refer to a person who distorts the sense of a word.
3. The killing of words; such as, a liar, book-burner, or someone who misuses words.
4. One who mutilates or destroys a word.
5. The act of destroying the sense or value of a word; the perversion of a word from its proper meaning.
6. Perversion of a word, or one who perverts a word; literally, killing a word.
vermicide, verminicide
Killing vermin or intestinal worms.
The killing of wasps.
viricide, viricidal
The killing of a man; such as, a husband or any male.
virucide, virucidal, viruscide
The killing of viruses.
Killing foxes.

Related "death, dead; kill" units: lethal-; mort-; neci-; necro-; phono-; thanato-.