-cide, -cides, -cidal

(Latin: a suffix; kill, killer; murder, to cause death, slayer; cutter; “to cut down”)

Don’t confuse this element with the another -cide that means “to cut”; although -cide, “death”, is related to -cise, -cide, “to cut down”.

The killing of one’s self; literally, "self-killing".

Pointing to a page about a kleptomaniac "Family honor" supposedly regained with "virgin suicides".

taeniacide, teniacide, tenicide
1. The killing of tapeworms.
2. A substance that is lethal to tapeworms.
Killing moles.
1. Killing bulls or steers.
2. A killer of a bull or a steer.
temporicide (verb), temporicides; temporicided; temporiciding
To kill or to waste time: Since Lynn was so busy that morning doing errands, she decided to temporicide in the afternoon, doing nothing but lounging in her chair on her balcony.
The destruction of books, especially as in book burning.
toxicide, toxinicide
The killing of toxins; such as, a drug capable of overcoming toxic agents.
The killing of parasitical bacteria.
The killing of parasites that cause trichomoniasis (diarrhea).
trypanocide, trypanocidal, trypanosomacide
The killing of organisms that cause sleeping sickness.
trypanosomicide, trypanocide
An agent that kills trypanosomes (protozoa or single-cell organisms that can only divide within a host).
Killing a tsar (czar) or one who kills a tsar.
tuberculicide, tuberculocide
The killing of tuberculosis bacilli.
tumoricide (s) (noun), tumoricides (pl)
The killing of cancer cells.
tyrannicidal (adjective), more tyrannicidal, most tyrannicidal
A reference to the killing of a tyrant: In the book Jane was reading, a tyrannical scheme was being prepared by the angry mob.

Related "death, dead; kill" units: lethal-; mort-; neci-; necro-; phono-; thanato-.