aero-, aer-, aeri-

(Greek: air, mist, wind)

sialoaerophagia, sialoaerophagy (s) (noun) (no pl)
The excessive or frequent swallowing of saliva and air which are taken into the stomach: Jack had the habit of ingesting quantities of saliva along with air which his doctor diagnosed as a case of sialoaerophagy.
surface aeration (s) (noun), surface aerations (pl)
The absorption of oxygen through the surface of a fluid: Susan learned that surface aeration applied to the entrainment of air bubbles that have not been dissolved and air pockets that are transported along with the liquid. The water and air mixture is comprised of little air packages inside the water and tiny water drops encircled by air.
thermaerotherapy (s) (noun), thermaerotherapies (pl)
Medical treatment with the application of hot air: Dr. Good told Jean that a thermaerotherapy, or the therapeutic use of hot air, would be excellent for curing her ailment.
tracheoaerocele (s) (noun), tracheoaeroceles (pl)
A tracheal hernia containing air: Arthur was informed by his doctor that he had a condition of tracheoaerocelem or, in other words, a cyst in his neck that was caused by an enlargement, or bulge, in the mucous membrane because of a defect in the trachea wall.

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