adeno-, aden-, adeni-

(Greek: gland or glands, glandular [from “acorn”])

adenosine (s) (noun), adenosines (pl)
A compound made up of ribose combined with adenine: Adenosine is a white, crystalline, water-soluble nucleoside and exists in all living cells.
adenosis (s) (noun), adenines (pl)
A rarely used term for a more or less generalized glandular disease: Adenosis is a nonthreatening glandular ailment and is characterized by a benign swelling and enlarged lymph glands.
adenotomy (s) (noun), adenotomies (pl)
Incision of a gland: In surgery, adenotomy is the dissection of a gland or glands.
adenotonsillectomy (s) (noun), adenotonsillectomies (pl)
Operative removal of tonsils and adenoids: Since Judy had reoccurring ailments with her tonsils, Dr. Samrt recommended that an adenotonsillectomy should be performed within a month.
adenoviral (adjective), more adenoviral, most adenoviral
Relating to an adenovirus: When William went to see Dr. Jones because he had a very sore throat and was coughing badly, he was diagnosed as having an adenoviral infection which had to be treated quickly!
adenovirus (s) (noun), adenoviruses (pl)
Any of a group of viruses the family Adenoviridae that cause a disease of the upper respiratory tract and conjunctivae: The adenovirus is one of a group of DNA viruses which was detected in adenoid tissues and can cause breathing ailments in people.
anadenia (s) (noun), anadenias (pl)
Absence of glands or the temporary lack of glandular functions: Brooke’s stomach difficulties appeared to be related to chronic anadenia which resulted when her body produced deficient glandular secretions.
blennadenitis (s) (noun), blennadenititises; blennadenitides (pl)
Inflammation of the mucous glands: The old-fashioned term blennadenitis refers to the swelling and soreness of the mucus-secreting glands.
dacryoadenectomy (s) (noun), dacryoadenectomies (pl)
An operation to cut out a lacrinal gland: A dacryoadenectomy is the surgical removal or excision of the gland that secretes tears in an eye.
dacryoadenitis (s) (noun) (no pl)
Inflammation of the lacrimal gland: Serious dacryoadenitis illnesses are normally caused by a bacterial or by a viral infection, for example by mumps or by the staphylococcus bacteria.
enteraden (s) (noun), enteradens (pl)
Any intestinal gland: In his biology class, Clifford learned that there were glands in the intestine termed enteradens.
enteradenitis (s) (noun), enteradenitises; enteradenitides (pl)
Inflammation of the intestinal glands: During the colonoscopy, Dr. Thomas detected a condition of enteradenitis in Tom's intestine which had to be further examined.
enteradenography (s) (noun), enteradenographies (pl)
A written description of the intestinal glands. For the seminar Tony was asked to read the enteradenograph he was given by his professor and to be able to give a report on the glands in the human intestine.
enteradenology (s) (noun) (no pl)
The field of science that deals with the glands of the alimentary canal: Since Mary wanted to become a doctor and specialize in gastroenterology, she had to take a course in enteradenology and learn all about the intestinal glands.
gastradenitis, gastroadenitis (s) (noun); gastradenitises; gastradenitides; gastroadenitises; gastroadenitides (pl)
Inflammation of the glands of the stomach: Gastradenitis is a very serious ailment and can be caused by acute poisoning with arsenic or phosphorus.