mer-, mero-, meri-, -mer, -merous, -mere, -meric, -meristic +

(Greek: part, partial, referring to parts; segment; incomplete)

Dissection into parts, particularly the dissection of a cell, in order to study the capacity for growth and development of the separate parts.
1. Any protozoan cell produced by the fission of a schizont, e.g. that of the malaria protozoan.
2. A stage in the life cycle of the malaria parasite (Plasmodium); formed during the asexual division of the schizont (a cell formed during the asexual phase of the life cycle of some single-celled organisms).

Merozoites are released and invade other cells.

A bacterial mechanism of gene transfer in which part of the genome, or chromosome complement, is transferred into an intact recipient cell.
A situation in which there are many parts joined together.
Any of the units, or parts, from which a plant is developed.
Having many members, or parts, of each series of a flower.