(Latin: a suffix; a person who, a place where, a thing which, or pertaining to; connected with; having the character of; apparatus)

The following examples of this suffix represent a very small number of those that exist in other parts of this lexicon.

A member of a chapter or convent, who took his (or her) weekly turn in the performance of the sacred offices of the Roman Catholic Church.
illusionary (adjective), more illusionary, most illusionary
Characterized by or pertaining to something that seems to be true or real; however it is false or unreal: The illusionary image the hikers had was of a lake just on the horizon, when in fact it was a misconception.
incendiary (s) (noun), incendiaries (pl)
1. An arsonist.
2. A person who creates or stirs up factionalism or sedition; an agitator.
1. A health facility where patients receive treatment.
2. A hospital or area within an institution where sick and injured people are medically treated.
inflationary (adjective), more inflationary, most inflationary
Regarding the tendency to cause an increase in prices of products: The inflationary costs of everyday articles made it extremely difficult to buy food and pay for other living expenses.

The inflationary rate at which the general level of prices for goods and services continues to go up makes it harder for people to maintain their physical survival.

Foot web; literally, between the digits; especially, as seen with penguins, ducks, geese, etc.
1. Acting or of the nature of action between two persons, parties, etc.; serving as a means of interaction; mediatory.
2. Situated or occurring between two things (in space, time, degree, or character); intermediate.
3. One who acts between others; an intermediate agent; a go-between middleman, mediator.
Situated between the planets. Also, existing between planets or pertaining to travel between planets.
interplanetary scintillation
The Sun emits blobs of plasma (known as the solar wind). Depending on the geometry, rays through different blobs can be focused to a single point. A sort of "twinkling" known as interplanetary scintillation can therefore be observed.
1. Occurring between the pupils of the eyes, referring especially to the distance between the pupils.
2. Extending between the pupils of the eyes; also, extending between the centers of a pair of spectacle lenses; such as, interpupillary distance.
1. Within an organ or body cavity.
2. Situated or occurring within a body cavity; especially, relating to, or being treatment (as of cancer) characterized by the insertion of radioactive substances in a cavity.
Concerning the iris and the pupil of the eye.