(Latin: a suffix; a person who, a place where, a thing which, or pertaining to; connected with; having the character of; apparatus)

The following examples of this suffix represent a very small number of those that exist in other parts of this lexicon.

summary (s) (noun), summaries (pl)
1. A shortened version of something that has been said or written, containing only the main points: Marvin had time for just a summary report regarding the traffic accident that he saw.
2. A presentation of the substance of something in a condensed form; a concise repetition: Harry made a summary of what happened at the football game.
3. Performed speedily and without ceremony: The reporter's summary of the criminal case omitted its most important facts.
4. Etymology: from Latin summas, "highest".
sumptuary (adjective), more sumptuary, most sumptuary
1. Pertaining to the proper management of expenditures by the one who is responsible for paying for services or objects which are produced for sale: While William was going to college, he was reminded by his parents that sumptuary limits had to take place because they still had to take care of his four brothers, too.
2. Etymology: from Latin sumptuarius; from sumptus, "expense"; from sumere, "to consume, tp spend, to take".
Relating to or a reference to regulating spending.
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Dealing with or controlling expenses.
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1. Of superior eminence, rank, or dignity.
2. Distinguished, conspicuous, or worthy of note above others.
superlunary, supralunary
1. Situated above or beyond the moon.
2. Belonging to a higher world, celestial; figuratively, extravagant.
3. Celestial, rather than earthly; unworldly or ethereal.
4. The opposite of sublunary.
supernumerary (adjective), more supernumerary, most supernumerary
1. Conveying an overabundance of the normal or prescribed number of presentations: There were supernumerary or excessive repetitions of broadcasts about the killings of the women and children by the insane soldier.
2. Beyond what a regular body or staff consists of: Paul was hired as a supernumerary assistant, or substitute, for anyone who could not show up for work because of an illness or for any other emergency situation.
3. Exceeding the required or desired number or estimate; superfluous: The supernumerary tornadoes caused great destruction and loss of lives in several areas.
4. Descriptive of a person who appears in a play or film without speaking lines or as part of a crowd; a walk-on; an extra: Jennifer and the other people who were in the background of the street scene of the movie were supernumerary actors.
Extra or exceeding the number expected.
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Beyond a fixed number or superfluous.
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Above the surface of a planet.
1. Rash, reckless.
2. Reprehensibly heedless or careless; culpably negligent.
temporary (adjective), more temporary, most temporary
1. Relating to a limited duration of time; not permanent; transient; made to supply a passing need: Jim's doctor told him that the medicine would give him temporary relief from the pain.
2. A reference to someone who is hired to work in an office or other workplace for only a short time: Bernard, a university student, was very happy that he was able to get a good paying temporary job during his summer vacation.
3. Characteristic of something or someone that belongs to the present time or to the world: Every creature lives for a transitory or temporary time regardless of how many efforts a person or an animal might desire to exist much longer.
1. A year, or an exact day, 300 years after an event, usually one of special historic significance.
2. Coinciding with the 300th anniversary of an event, and often celebrating or commemorating the event.
1. Consisting of, or involving, three; threefold; triple.
2. Third in order or rank.
3. Based on the number three.
4. Pertaining to, consisting of, compounded of, or characterized by a set (or sets) of three; threefold, triple.

A ternary system (of classification), one in which each division is into three parts.

1. Of or characterized by the clipping or trimming of live shrubs or trees into decorative shapes, as of animals.
2. A reference to plants that are clipped or trimmed into fantastic shapes.
3. The art of clipping bushes and shrubs into ornamental shapes.

The topiary garden at Levens Hall, Cumbria, UK, features designs that are more than 300 years old and were initially planted and trained during the 1690s. The topiary shapes in the garden include a judge's wig, umbrellas, all kinds of animals, and other shapes.

When Col. Grahme, who had held the office of Privy Purse to King James II, came back to Levens in 1688 upon the abdication of the King, he brought with him the gardener Monsieur Guillaume Beaumont. He was trained under Le NĂ´tre at Versailles and he laid out the gardens at Hampton Court. He started work in 1694 creating the design for the garden which can be seen now.

Of or pertaining to more than one discipline or branch of learning; interdisciplinary.
Beyond the moon; spiritual.
1. Threefold; triple; ternary.
2. Consisting of three parts or proceeding by threes.