-ant, -ants

(Latin: a suffix; a person who, the thing which; people who, things which)

coagulant (s) (noun), coagulants (pl)
1. An agent that produces clotting: A coagulant converts a fluid or a substance that is in a solution into a solid or gel.
2. An agent that causes, stimulates, or accelerates coagulation: A coagulant is a substance that has a congealing or thickening effect, especially with reference to blood.
3. Etymology: from Middle French coaguler, from Ltin coagulatus, past participle of coagulare, "to cause to curdle"; from cogere, "to curdle, to collect"; from com-, "together" + agere "to drive".
codefendant, co-defendant (s) (noun), codefendants, co-defendants (pl)
A person or entity accused of a crime in criminal prosecution who has been joined together with one or more other individuals, a company, or an institution accused in a court of law: The evidence found in Herald's home that validated his guilt of a crime was an address book with many names, including those of the codefendants in the case.
cognizant (KAHG ni zuhnt) (adjective), more cognizant, most cognizant
A reference to a person who knows or is fully aware of something: Hank was cognizant of the difficulty in completing the assignment that he gave to his workers.

James is cognizant of his responsibilities as the father of his two boys.

Fully informed and aware.
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Aware or informed of something.
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combatant (s) (noun), combatants (pl)
1. Anyone who attempts to destroy or to control something that is considered to be harmful: There are many combatants who want the government to take measures to decrease pollution.
2. A person, group, or country that fights in a war or battle: Gloria's country was a major combatant in the last war.
commandant (s) (noun), commandants (pl)
1. The commanding officer of a military unit.: Colonel Jones is the commandant of a local army base where children of military personnel there go to a local civilian school.
2. The title of the senior officer and head of the U.S. Marine Corps: The CMC, or Commandant of the Marine Corps, is normally that military group's highest-ranking officer and is a member of the Joint Chiefs of Staff; as well as, being responsible for ensuring that the organization, policy, plans, and programs for the Marine Corps are accomplished.
conclamant (adjective), more conclamant, most conclamant
Referring to calling out together: When Alison and Pete stood on the edge of the valley, they felt the urge to try a conclamant shout so they could listen to the echo of their voices.
confidant (s) (noun), confidants (pl)
A man who is trusted with private or personal affairs and secrets: As a lawyer, Sam was a confidant of the owner of the company.

A confidant can't always be trusted as indicated in the illustration below.

Someone who shares secrets with another person.
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constant (adjective); more constant, most constant
1. Regarding something that stays the same and does not change: She drove at a constant speed of 50 mph along the long boulevard.
2. Pertaining to something which is continual or persistent: The noise from the neighbor's garden party was certainly constant, even into the night!
3. Characterizing a person who is faithful and dependable: Even after all the years, Bob always remained a constant friend who was totally trustworthy and reliable.
contestant (s) (noun), contestants (pl)
1. Someone who takes part in a competition of sports, or other activities.
2. Any one who enters a formal challenge to something; such as, a will, a verdict, or any decision.
conversant (adjective), more conversant, most conversant
Characteristic of being familiar and experienced with or well-informed and up to date about someone or something: Jonathan appeared to be most conversant with the latest communications technology which resulted in his getting a better paying job.
Acquainted with; especially, because of experiences or studies.
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Familiar with from experience, the study of, or from being involved.
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corroborant (s) (noun), corroborants (pl)
1. A strengthening or an invigoration of the bodily system with medicinal agents.
2. Something that supports a statement, a fact, etc.
counterclaimant (s) (noun), counterclaimants (pl)
An individual or legal firm that initiates a court action to contradict the information filed by an opposing party: Justice Brown dismissed the appeal of the counterclaimant of the court's decision, stating that there was not sufficient information to warrant a new hearing.