vor-, vora-, -vore, -vorous, -vores, -vora, -vory

(Latin: eat, eating; consume, consuming; ingest, ingesting; devour, devouring; feeding on)

voracious (adjective), more voracious, most voracious
1. A reference to consuming, or being eager to eat, great amounts of food; ravenous: After a hard day's work on the railroad, Tom had a voracious appetite and could hardly wait to get home to fix his evening meal.
2. Descriptive of someone who has an overwhelming desire to accomplish a goal, to participate in an activity, or is eager to learn: Shirley was such a voracious reader that she went to the library to borrow books several times a week.
Eating great amounts of food.
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Excessive eating.
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Ravenous and gluttonous eating.
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The quality or character of being voracious; greediness in eating.
Feeding on or consuming wood.
Eating wood as is done by some insects.
xylivory (adjective)
zoosuccivorous, zoosuccivore, zoosuccivory
1. A reference to organisms that feed on liquid secretions of animals.
2. An organism that sucks the blood or other fluid from animal bodies.
3. Feeding on decaying animal matter.

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