gram-, -gram-, -gram, -grammatic, -grammatical, -grammatically, -gramme, -grammic +

(Greek: write, writing, something written, a written record, a recording; letters; words; later, a small weight, a unit of mass in the metric system)

A unit of weight in the metric system from 1797 gramme, borrowing of French gramme, from Late Latin gramma, "small weight"; from Greek gramma, "small weight"; originally, "something written"; from the stem of graphein, "to draw, to write".

—Compiled from information located in;
The Barnhart Dictionary of Etymology; Robert K. Barnhart, Editor;
The H.W. Wilson Company; New York; 1988; page 445.
yoctogram, yg
The metric unit of 1.7 yg is equal to the mass of a proton or neutron.
yottagram, Yg
1. One yottagram, approximately the "mass of water in the Pacific Ocean".
2. Mass of earth equal to about 6 000 yottagram.
— Source for this and other yotta words: Chemistry and Molecular Biology Resources,
UC Extension, Berkeley/San Francisco
zymogram (s) (noun), zymograms (pl)
An electrophoretic graph of the separation of enzymes in a solution.

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