gram-, -gram-, -gram, -grammatic, -grammatical, -grammatically, -gramme, -grammic +

(Greek: write, writing, something written, a written record, a recording; letters; words; later, a small weight, a unit of mass in the metric system)

A unit of weight in the metric system from 1797 gramme, borrowing of French gramme, from Late Latin gramma, "small weight"; from Greek gramma, "small weight"; originally, "something written"; from the stem of graphein, "to draw, to write".

—Compiled from information located in;
The Barnhart Dictionary of Etymology; Robert K. Barnhart, Editor;
The H.W. Wilson Company; New York; 1988; page 445.
anemogram (s) (noun), anemograms (pl)
A prepared printout produced by an anemograph: An anemogram is an automatically-marked record of the velocity and pressure of the wind.
1. An X-ray examination of the thoracic vessels and the heart after the intravenous injection of a substance opaque to X-rays.
2. The film produced by angiocardiography.
A radiogram of blood vessels, made after injection of a contrast medium and taken during angiography.
A record of the resistance of microbes to various antibiotics.
1. The image or set of images resulting from aortography which is a radiographic imaging of the aorta and its branches, or a portion of the aorta, with an injection of contrast medium.
2. A record of the imaging of the aorta by ultrasound or magnetic resonance.
apexcardiogram, apex cardiogram (ACG)
1. A graphic recording of the movements of the chest wall produced by the apex beat of the heart.
2. A graphic recording of ultra-low-frequency precordial chest-wall movements.
APL programing language
A Processing Language programing language; or sometimes, Array Processing Language programing language.
arithmogram (s) (noun), arithmograms (pl)
A number expressed by the letters of a word, name, or phrase; for example, the number 666 made up of certain Greek letters: When writing a coded letter, Kevin, the spy, used the technique of arithmograms by using numbers instead of letters.
Radiographic demonstration of an artery after injection of contrast medium into it.
arthrogram (s) (noun), arthrograms (pl)
An X-ray of a joint which usually implies the introduction of a contrast agent into the disk capsule: The medical technician read the results of the arthrogram carefully and then explained the evidence of the injury of the bone connection to Lillian, the famous skater.
1. A navigational device for projecting altitude curves of the stars and planets onto charts or plotting sheets.
2. Mapping or describing the stars.
A record obtained with an ataxiameter, an instrument for measuring the degree and direction of the swaying of the body and head in static ataxia (inability to keep one's equilibrium), with the individual's eyes closed.
atrial electrogram, high right atrial electrogram (s) (noun); atrial electrograms, high right atrial electrograms (pl)
An intracardiac electrogram which records electrical potentials within the upper region of the right upper chamber of the heart that receives blood from the veins and forces it into the lower part of the heart that moves blood to the rest of the body, obtained by the introduction of electrodes high in the upper part of the heart near the sinus node or the small mass of specialized cardiac muscle fibers located in the back wall of the right upper space of the heart: The atrial electrogram is used in localizing conduction blocks or delays in the normal flow of electrical impulses which cause the heart to beat and diagnosing arrhythmias or abnormal rates or rhythms, of the heart.

attogram, ag
A unit of mass equal to 10-18 grams; symbol: ag.
audiogram (s) (noun), audiograms (pl)
The graphic record drawn from the results of hearing tests: By the use of an audiometer, an audiogram shows the threshold of hearing at various frequencies against sound intensity in decibels.

The audiogram is a graphic representation of a person's hearing ability, especially a representation that indicates hearing loss at various frequency levels.

A chart, produced by an audiometer, shows the auditory threshold of the individual being tested.

Theis chart can be produced manually or with a printer.

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