biblio-, bibli-, bibl-, biblico-

(Greek: book, books)

Books from the past to the present.
philobiblist (s) (noun), philobiblists (pl)
A lover of books.
photobibliography (s) (noun), photobibliographies (pl)
Description of books with the aid of pictures.
postbiblical (adjective) (not comparative)
Something that takes place after biblical times.
procurator bibliothecarum (s) (noun), procurators bibliothecaria (pl)
Director of libraries.
solibiblical (adjective), more solibiblical, mostsolibiblical
Depending or relying only on the Bible.
solibiblist (s) (noun), solibiblists (pl)
Someone who depends only upon the Bible for truth and guidance.
unbiblical (adjective), more unbiblical, most unbiblical
1. That which is not biblical.
2. Out of harmony with the Bible.

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