algesi-, alge-, alges-, algesio-, algi-, algio-, -algesia, -algesic, -algetic, -algic, -algia, -algy

(Greek: pain, sense of pain; painful; hurting)

Used actively in medical terminology to denote a condition of sensitivity to pain as specified by the combining root.

cheiropodalgia, chiropodalgia
Pain in a foot or in both feet.
cholecystalgia; biliary colic
A type of smooth muscle or visceral pain (the internal organs of the body, especially those of the abdomen such as the intestines) specifically associated with the passing of stones through the the internal organs of the body, especially those of the abdomen such as the intestines.
Pain in and around cartilage.
Pain in a muscle when it is brought into action.
Pain in the clitoris.
coccyalgia, coccygalgia; coccygodynia
Pain in part of the spine or the last bone of the spinal column, the last part of the vertebral column just below the sacrum a triangular bone at the base of the spine which joins to a hip bone on each side and forms part of the pelvis.
Pain in the colon.
colpalgia; vaginodynia
Pain in the vagina.
continuous caudal analgesia
Continuous injection of an anesthetic solution into the sacral (triangular bone in lower back) and lumbar plexuses (network of nerves) within the epidural space (in the spine) to relieve the pain of parturition (act of giving birth).

Also used in general surgery to block the pain pathways caudal (back o thef body) to the umbilicus (navel or hollow on surface of stomach).

1. Pleurodynia; pleuritic pain in the chest.
2. A painful affection of the tendinous attachments of the thoracic muscles, usually on one side only.
3. Pain in a rib or the intercostal spaces (e.g., intercostal neuralgia).
coxalgia (s) (noun), coxalgias (pl)
1. Pain in the hip.
2. Hip-joint disease.
cryalgesia, cryalgia
Pain caused by cold (freezing).
cryanalgesia, cryanalgia
The relief of pain by application of cold with a cryoprobe to peripheral nerves.
Pain in a bladder, especially the urinary bladder.
Severe pain along the path of a nerve or nerves in the urinary bladder and urethra (the tube that carries urine out of the body).

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