algesi-, alge-, alges-, algesio-, algi-, algio-, -algesia, -algesic, -algetic, -algic, -algia, -algy

(Greek: pain, sense of pain; painful; hurting)

Used actively in medical terminology to denote a condition of sensitivity to pain as specified by the combining root.

penalgesia (s) (noun) (no pl)
The reduction in the number of pain and touch spots in trigeminal neuralgia: In medical school, Nancy learned about penalgesia referring to the decrease of the amount of pain and contact locations in the fifth cranial nerve.
perialgia, perialgy (s) (noun) (no po)
Excessive or intense pain: When Lynn had a very bad fall in winter on some ice on the sidewalk, she suffered from perialgia and could hardly cry for help.
perialgic (adjective), more perialgic, most perialgic
A reference to extreme or agonizing pain: Dr. Evans said that Susan must have undergone a perialgic condition when she fell down the long staircase and broke various bones in her body.
phallalgia (s) (noun) (no pl)
Pain in the penis; phallodynia: A case of phallalgia has many origins and among them are a sexually transmitted infection, penis cancer,, and prostatitis.
phallalgic (adjective) (not comparable)
Pertaining to discomfort, irritation, or soreness in the penis: At the clinic, Dr. Hunter gave Jim more information about his phallalgic condition and what treatment was to follow.
pharyngalgia, pharyngalgy (s) (noun) (no pl)
Pain in the pharynx; pharyngodynia: Jerry's throat was hurting him a lot, and his family doctor diagnosed it as being a case of pharyngalgia and could be treated with some medication.
pharyngalgic (adjective) (not comparable)
Pertaining to soreness and stinging in the pharynx: Various origins for pharyngalgic conditions include smoking, a strep throat, and tonsillitis.
phlebalgia (s) (noun) (no pl)
Pain originating in a vein: Ron read about some reasons for phlebalgia in his book on medicine, and learned that smoking, venous ulcers, and standing or sitting for long periods were just a few of the causes for this disorder.
photalgia (s) (noun) (no pl)
Ocular pain caused by light;photodynia: When Mr. Evans was driving home, the sun was shining right into his eyes and his doctor told him that the very bright light produced a disorder called photalgia.
phrenalgia (s) (noun) (no pl)
1. Pain in the diaphragm: Some causes for phrenalgia can be a pregnancy, strenuous exercises, and gallbladder problems.
2. An acute mental distress; psychalgia; melancholia: Following the divorce, Mrs. Cartwright was suffering a lot and went to her doctor for help, who, after examining her and finding no physical disorder, termed her illness as being phrenalgia.
plantalgia (s) (noun), plantalgias (pl)
A painful condition of the undersurface of the feet: Wearing shoes to the party that were much too tight caused plantalgias for Jill and Susan.
pleuralgia (s) (noun), pleuralgias (pl)
Pain in the pleura (membrane of the lungs and thoracic cavity) or in the side;pleurodynia: Multiple reasons for a case of pleuralgia include bruised or even broken ribs, an acid reflux, and a pulled muscle.
pleuralgic (adjective) (not comparable)
Concerning agony and suffering in the pleura: Dr. Robinson discussed Judy's pleuralgic disorder with her and said that it would take some time for the broken rib to heal.
pneumonalgia (s) (noun) (no pl)
Pain in the lungs: In medical school, Sherry learned that there were various reasons for pneumonalgia, and among them were a respiratory infection, tuberculosis, and asthma.
podalgia (s) (noun) (no pl)
Pain in the foot: Dr. Smart told the elderly Mr. Thompson that his podalgia came from gout or from rheumatism, and that he had to do more examinations to find the exact reason.
A man is suffering greatly because of the pain in this foot.
A doctor checks the podalgic condition of his patient with poditis.

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