tri-, tre-

(Greek > Latin: a numerical prefix meaning, three, thrice, threefold; triple; a word element for number 3)

Malformation in which three phalanges are present in the thumb or great toe.
A craft that can operate on water, on land, and in the air.
Operating or occurring in the water, on the land, and in the air; a blend of tri and amphibious.
Capable of living or operating on land, on water, and in the air; specifically of or pertaining to military operations involving land, sea, and air forces.
A combination of three vowels forming a single or compound sound; such as, ieu in lieu, eau in beauty, etc.
A primary phosphate mineral found in phosphatic pegmatites and pegmatitic dikes. It alters easily into other phosphate minerals, especially manganese phosphates.
Having three leaves; three-leaved.
1. Threefold; consisting of three; treble.
2. Three times as many or as much.
Something such as a building or sandwich with three levels or layers.
Paralysis of an upper and a lower extremity and of the face, or of both extremities on one side and of one on the other.
1. One of three born at the same birth.
2. A set or combination of three of a kind.
1. Composed of three parts; threefold; triple.
2. Having three apartments, divisions, or floors; such as, a triplex apartment building; a triplex cinema.
triplicate (TRIP li kayt") (verb), triplicates; triplicated; triplicating
1. To make a set of three identical objects or copies of something: Monica was told to triplicate the financial reports of the company when she prepared them for the Chief Executive Officer.
2. To make threefold by tripling something: Jill explained to the salesperson that she wanted to triplicate the items she was buying because she wanted to share them with her friends Leslie, Tina, and Mia.
3. Etymology: from Latin tripicare, "to triple".

triplicate (TRIP li kit) (s) (noun), triplicates (pl)

Something that has three precise parts to it or which exist in three exact reproductions: When Tim went to the photo shop to have his travel pictures developed, he wanted to have them printed in triplicate so he could place one set in his album and share two copies with his friends Erin and Patrick.

triplicate (TRIP li kuht) (adjective) (not comparable)

Descriptive of anything that has three explicit sections to it or which exist in three word-for-word presentations: Matt instructed his secretary to send triplicate invoices to the contractors who were working on the project.

Used to describe a multicellular animal that has three primary germ layers (ectoderm, endoderm, mesoderm) during embryonic development.

This is typical of all multicellular animals except coelenterates [marine invertebrate animals that have an internal body cavity (coelenteron); that is, sea anemones, corals, jellyfish, and comb jellies].

Cross references of word families that are related, partially or totally, to: "three, third": terce-; terti-; trigono-; trito-.