therap-, -therapeutic[s], -therapeutically, -therapy, -therapies, -therapist

(Greek: heal, cure; treatment; service done to the sick, [a waiting on])

mucin therapy
The administration of mucin as therapy for peptic ulcers, to protect the gastric mucosa against the action of pepsin and hydrochloric acid by protective coating and by neutralization of the hydrochloric acid.
An adjunctive treatment of mental disorders by means of music or the treatment of disease; especially, mental illness, with music.
narcotherapy (s) (noun), narcotherapies (pl)
1. A psychological treatment which i conducted with the patient under the influence of a sedative or narcotic.
2. In psychotherapy, the use of intravenous barbiturates to enhance relaxation, to facilitate communication, and to render the person more responsive to the suggestions of the therapist.

In any particular narcotherapeutic session, the focus may be on reassurance (narcohypnosis), on uncovering repressed material (narcoanalysis), on encouraging expression of repressed affects (narcocatharsis), on eliciting data for later assimilation (narcosynthesis), or on obtaining data to provide more adequate evaluation (narcodiagnosis).

neurotherapy, neurotherapeutics
The treatment of psychological, psychiatric, and nervous disorders.
1. The medical treatment of a disease.
2. The use of one disease to treat another; such as, malaria-induced fever for the treatment of central nervous system syphilis.
Treatment of diseases of the teeth.
oleochrysotherapy (s) (noun), oleochrysotherapies (pl)
Treatment with gold salts in a fat or oily base: Jack's doctor suggested that he should try oleochrysotherapy in order to relieve his medical problem.
oleotherapy (s) (noun), oleotherapies (pl)
The treatment of an illness with an oil given internally or applied externally: The obsolete term oleopherapy can be a medication to treat various conditions. But the term is not used in the conventional and accepted medical language or parlance.
The treatment of tumors, with surgery, radiation, or chemotherapy.
Treatment with juices; especially, extracts of endocrine glands of animals.
Medical treatment of the gonads with testicular extracts.
organotherapy, opotherapy
Treatment by the administration of preparations made from animal organs, especially glands; now frequently by synthetic preparations instead of extracts of a gland.
organotherapy, organotherapeutic
In medicine, the treatment of diseases by administering substances derived from animal organs; such as, bovine insulin, which is used to treat diabetes in humans.
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