theo-, the-, -theism, -theist, -theistic

(Greek: God, god, deity, divinity, divine)

theopneustic (adjective)
A reference to divine inspiration; especially, that which enables a person to receive and to reveal divine truth.
theopneusty (s) (noun), theopneusties )pl)
Divine inspiration; the supernatural influence of the Divine Spirit in qualifying men to receive and to communicate revealed truth.
theopolitician (s) (noun), theopoliticians (pl)
Someone who bases his or her beliefs and attitudes about how governments should work on conformity to the will of God or a divine laws.
theopolitics (s) (noun)
The art and science of government that is based on the law of God.
theopolity (s) (noun), theopolities (pl)
A form of government or organization of a state, church, society, policy, etc; that is based on the law of God.
theopsychism (s) (noun), theopsychisms (pl)
Ascription (declaration) of a divine nature to the soul: "Theopsychism involves the belief that a person's soul has a divine or Godly nature."
theosophic (adjective), more theosophic, most theosophic
A reference to the religious speculation about the nature of the soul that is based on a mystical insight into the nature of God.
theosophist (s) (noun), theosophists (pl)
A person who studies the various religious systems claiming to be based on or to express an intuitive insight into the divine nature: A theosophist strives to learn more about the various religious beliefs that are based on the mystical insight of an individual into divinity, arising from spiritual perceptions and meditations.
theosophy (s) (noun), theosophies (pl)
Various religious systems that propose to establish a direct and mysterious contact with God through revelation: Theosophies include any of several systems of religious understanding that aim at a direct knowledge of God by means of spiritual joy and contemplation or meditation.
theotaurine (adjective)
Of or pertaining to a god in the form of a bull: "Zeus was an example of a theotaurine god who had the title of the god-bull."
theotechnic (adjective)
Pertaining or referring to the invention or the creation of gods.
theotechnist (s) (noun), theotechnists (pl)
A person who invents gods for a drama or literary work.
theotechny (s) (noun), theotechnies (pl)
The introduction of divine or godly beings in the construction of a drama or epic; such beings collectively: "Theotechny involves the introduction of gods or supernatural entities into a dramatic or literary work; especially, to resolve situations."
theoteleological (adjective)
Related to a doctrine of a divine direction of nature toward a divinely appointed result.
theoteleology (s) (noun), theoteleologies (pl)
The doctrine of a godlike direction of nature to a divinely appointed end.

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