phon-, phono-, -phone, -phonia, -phonic, -phonetic, -phonous, -phonically, -phonetically, -phony +

(Greek: sound, voice, speech, tone)

This phono-, phon- should not be confused with another phono-, phon- that means "slaughter, murder, homicide". In Greek, a distinction is made between the phonos (PHOH nohs), "murder", which is spelled with the Greek letter omicron in the last syllable; and the Greek phonos (phoh NOHS), "voice", which is spelled with the letter omega in the last syllable. Both omicron and omega became the letter "o" in English.

A device that makes it possible to hear the sounds of muscular contractions.
A spasm or tic of the muscles of phonation causing involuntary sounds or cries.
An elective mutism indicating the loss of one's voice during the night.
An elective mutism with the loss of one's voice during the day but not at night.
odynophonia (s) (noun) (no pl)
A pain when using the voice: Some sources for a condition of odynophonia include laryngitis, alcohol use, and smoking
Impaired speech due to an anatomical defect in the vocal organs.
An instrument to enable one to hear the murmur of muscular contractions.
Reproducing sounds correctly.
1. The art of correct speaking or enunciation.
2. The accurate and correct production of the various sound components during speech.
An early type of hearing aid that used bones for conduction of sounds.
osteophone, osteophony
An instrument for the transmission of sound-waves through the teeth and the cranial bones to the auditory nerve, for the use of the deaf.
An obsolete term for a hearing aid.
An ear-trumpet, an apparatus for providing sound to the deaf.
oxyphonia, oxyphony (s) (noun) (no pl)
Excessive acuteness or shrillness of the voice; Jenny, the tiny baby, cried loudly with a sharp high-pitched intensity, or oxyphonia, because she was so hungry!
pantelephone (s) (noun), pantelephones (pl)
A highly sensitive microphone capable of reproducing minute or very small sound-vibrations at great distances.
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