phon-, phono-, -phone, -phonia, -phonic, -phonetic, -phonous, -phonically, -phonetically, -phony +

(Greek: sound, voice, speech, tone)

This phono-, phon- should not be confused with another phono-, phon- that means "slaughter, murder, homicide". In Greek, a distinction is made between the phonos (PHOH nohs), "murder", which is spelled with the Greek letter omicron in the last syllable; and the Greek phonos (phoh NOHS), "voice", which is spelled with the letter omega in the last syllable. Both omicron and omega became the letter "o" in English.

kinesiphony, kinesiophony
1. Sounds made by movements or motions.
2. Certain movements that cause sounds.
kinetophone, kinetophonic
A machine combining a kinetoscope (a projector that creates an illusion of motion) and a phonograph synchronized so as to produce the illusion of motion in a scene with accompanying sounds.
A term for a clear and sonorous state of the voice.
1. A communication-system transmitter in which the vibration-receiving diaphragm is strapped to the throat over the larynx from which it receives speech vibrations directly.
2. A microphone designed to be placed or attached to the throat so as to pick up the voice directly with little intrusion of other sounds.
The sound of the voice as heard through a stethoscope when it is placed on the larynx.
leptophonia, leptophonic
1. A weak voice; hypophonia.
2. An abnormally weak voice due to incoordination of the muscles concerned in vocalization.
3. A weak, thin quality of the voice, resulting from general debility or certain myopathic or neurologic conditions.
lexiphonic (s) (noun), lexiphonics (pl)
A reference to word sounds or the sounding out of words.
megaphone, megaphonic
1. A cone-shaped device used to intensify, amplify, or direct the voice; for example, a cheerleader’s megaphone.
2. Someone who expresses or publicizes others’ opinions or ideas.
Having a powerful voice.
A musical instrument (as a drum or kazoo) having a tightly stretched membrane as a vibrator or resonator and made to vibrate by percussion or by friction; as an adjective, membranophonic.
microphone, microphonic
An instrument whereby sound waves are caused to generate or modulate an electric current usually for the purpose of transmitting or recording speech or music.
microphonia, microphony
An abnormally weak voice due to incoordination of the muscles concerned in vocalization; hypophonia.
A stethoscope with a diaphragm attachment for magnifying sound.
1. Difficulty in the production of voiced laryngeal sounds while talking.
2. Laryngeal spasm occurring in public speakers as a result of the overuse of one's voice.
3. Any impairment of voice; a difficulty in speaking.
A melody for one voice, or musical instrument; especially, if unaccompanied.
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