mania-, -mania, -maniac, -maniacal, -manic, -manically, -maniacally

(Greek: a specific mental disorder or obsessive preoccupation with something; madness, frenzy; obsession, or abnormal desire for or with something or someone; also, an excessive enthusiasm or fondness for something that is not safe or advantageous)

An obsession, or monomania, for pre-eminence, superiority, or power.
A compulsion to climb cliffs.
1. An obsession for obtaining great wealth.
2. Delusion of possessing great wealth.
An exaggerated desire for bicycling.
An intense enthusiasm for dogs.
Another term for nymphomania [an exaggerated sexual desire in a female for men].
An insane compulsion to kill by biting.
decalcomania (s) (noun), decalcomanias (pl)
A craze for transferring pictures from a specially prepared paper to surfaces of glass, porcelain, etc. Now decalcomania is well-known simply as putting decals on many places.
Putting decals on everything.
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A compulsion to be in crowded places.
demomania (s) (noun), demomanias (pl)
The apparent excessive attachment to the "common people".
demomaniac (s) (noun), demomaniacs (pl)
Someone who is perceived to have an excessive attachment to the "common people".
1. A form of madness in which the patient conceives himself possessed of devils.
2. A morbid dread by a person who believes he/she is possessed by demons.
An obsession to be among trees or forests.
desanimania (dis an" i MAY ni uh) (s) (noun), desanimanias (pl)
A mindless insanity: The book Lynn was reading described an old woman who was suffering from desanimania or who was insane and unmindful of her surroundings and of other people she met on the road near her home.

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