mania-, -mania, -maniac, -maniacal, -manic, -manically, -maniacally

(Greek: a specific mental disorder or obsessive preoccupation with something; madness, frenzy; obsession, or abnormal desire for or with something or someone; also, an excessive enthusiasm or fondness for something)

An obsessive desire for snow.
A morbid impulse to masturbate; masturbatic-psychosis.
Addiction to chloral (alcohol and chlorine).
Mania sometimes exhibited by victims of cholera.
choreomania or choromania
Craze for dancing. A disorder prevalent in the Middle Ages in which weird patterns of involuntary movement (hysterical chorea) superficially resembling chorea occurred. It is also called dancing chorea, epidemic chorea, jumping chorea, jumping disease, dancing mania, choromania, dancing disease, tarantism, jumping sickness, and tarentism.
1. Obsessive desire for money.
2. A preoccupation with creating wealth.
An excessive desire to eat all kinds of food.
Modern food is a "natural substance" most of whose ingredients are artificial flavors, colors, and preservatives.
A strong desire to hold a person in one’s arms.
cleptomania, kleptomania (s) (noun); cleptomanias, kleptomanias (pl)
An irresistible tendency to steal in which someone steals not because of necessity but as a result of some compulsion.

The bibliokleptomania page is available. A true story about a cleptomaniac or art thief.

cleptomania, kleptomania (s) (noun); cleptomanias, kleptomanias (pl)
Cleptomaniac in action.

A click on this image will take you to an example of a cleptomaniac in action.

An excessive or abnormal desire to stay in bed.
Hypersexuality in females; a compulsion by women to have sex.
An uncontrollable urge to scratch.

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