duc-, -duce, -duct, -ducent, -ductor, -duction, -ductive, -ducer, -ducement, -ducation

(Latin: to lead, leading; bringing; to take; to draw along or out)

Educatio pro omnibus.
Education for all.

Motto of Sampson Technical College, Clinton, North Carolina, USA.

1. The imparting and acquiring of knowledge through teaching and learning; especially, at a school or similar institution.
2. The system of educating people in a community or society.
After all, what is education but a process by which a person begins to learn how to learn?
—Peter Ustinov, in Dear Me; 1977.
1. Providing knowledge, instruction, or information to others.
2. Relating to teaching and learning.
3. Relating to or concerned with education.
4. The process of giving knowledge, instruction, or information.
An expert in the theories or administration of education.
1. In an educational manner.
2. A reference to, involving, or descriptive of education.
1. Serving to educate: "She obtained educative knowledge from her reading."
2. Pertaining to or productive of education.
1. A professional teacher.
2. An expert in the theories or administration of education.
educe (verb), educes; educed; educing
1. To elicit or to derive something; for example, a conclusion.
2. To assume or to work out from given facts; to deduce.
3. To draw forth or to bring out, as something potential or latent; to elicit; to develop.
Capable of implying or bringing out something potential or latent: "He educed order out of chaos."
A substance extracted from another substance without chemical alteration.
1. The derivation or development of something, or something derived or developed.
2. The exhaust of an engine, especially an internal-combustion or steam engine.
Someone who, or that which, brings forth, elicits, or extracts.
electret transducer (s) (noun), electret transducers (pl)
A tool that is actuated by electric waves from one system and which supplies power in the form of electric waves to a second network.
1. A facility for transmitting electricity.
2. A measure of the total dissolved ions in a substance, which indicates the material's ability to conduct electricity.
A system for carrying high-voltage electricity.

Cross references of word families related to "bear, carry, bring": -fer; ger-; later-, -lation; phoro-; port-.

A cross reference of word units that are related, directly and/or indirectly, with "tube, pipe": aulo-; can-, cann-; fistul-; siphon-; syringo-; tub-.