zoo-, zoa-, zo-, -zoic, -zoid, -zoite, -zoal, -zonal, -zooid, -zoon, -zoa, -zoan

(Greek: animal, animals; living beings; life)

dermatozoon (s) (noun), dermatozoa (pl)
A microscopic animal that lives on or in the host's skin; ectoparasite: Because Jane noticed a difference on her skin, she went to her dermatologist who examined her and diagnosed it as being infected with a dermatozoon.
dermatozoonosis (s) (noun), dermatozoonoses (pl)
Skin disease caused by animal parasites: Dermatozoonosis is an infestation of the skin caused by any animal parasite and not by an overuse of skin care creams.
dyszoospermia (s) (noun) (no pl)
Imperfect formation of spermatozoa: Dysszoospermia is a disorder of the male reproductive cells which are carried in the semen.
ectozoon (s) (noun), ectozoa; ectozoons (pl)
An organism living externally on another animal: An ectozoon can be an animal, as a flea, or a plant thriving and obtaining nourishment on the outside surface of another creature without having to kill it.
endozoic (adjective) (not comparable)
1. Regarding a plant living within an animal: It is considered that parasites are endozoic, like endozoic worms.
2, Relating to seed distribution beginning within an animal: Endozoic seed dispersal can be exemplified by animals swallowing seeds and later eliminating them as dung or manure.
enterozoic (adjective) (not comparable)
Descriptive of the parasites of the intestine: Such enterozoic creatures, like roundworms, inhabit the alimentary canal between the stomach and the anus.
enterozoon (s) (noun), enterozoa (pl)
Any animal parasite inhabiting the intestines: Enterozoa, such as a hookworm or tapeworm, exist and grow inside the intestine of a living creature.
entozoa (pl) (noun)
All the internal animal parasites as a group: The entozoa include tapeworms, flukes, nematodes, and roundworms, termed helminths, which thrive inside other animals.

The entozoa are considered to be an artificial group, containing all types of animals living parasitically in others.

entozoal (adjective) (not comparable)
Pertaining to internal animal parasites: Because Jane had pains in her abdomen, she went to see Dr. Thompson who examined her and finally was able to make the diagnosis as an endozoal disease which had to be treated immediately.
entozoic (adjective) (not comparable)
Concerning a lifeform living within the body of another animal or plant: Typically the roundworm is entozoic and thrives inside an animal as a parasite.

And an entozoic illness can be caused by trichina, a small slender nematode worm.

entozoon (s) (noun), entozoons; entozoa (pl)
A parasitic animal that lives within another animal: Entozoa can be trematodes that infest the internal organs, intestines, muscle, or tissues of other animals.
enzootic (s) (noun), enzootics (pl)
A severe illness that is frequently present in non-human animals: In epidemiology, enzootic prevails in animals during a certain season or climate or in a specific area.
enzootic (adjective), more enzootic, most enzootic
Regarding a disease restricted to a locality, to a season of the year, or to a certain climate: Rabies is enzootic and is known to be prevalent all over North America.
eozoic (adjective) (not comparable)
Pertaining to the part of the Precambrian era in which life first came into being: The eozoic formations of rocks are the Laurentian and Huroian of Canada, for example, which are supposed to enclose or incorporate the earliest signs of animal life.
eozoon (s) (noun), eozoons; eozoa (pl)
A peculiar structure found in the Archaean limestones of Canada and other regions: According to some geologists, eozoon is believed to be a species of gigantic "Foraminifera", but others consider it a concretion, without organic structure.

"Foraminifera", which are single-celled planktonic animals with perforated chalky shells, consist of an extensive order of rhizopods which generally have chambered calcareous shells formed by several united zooids. Many of them have perforated walls, whence the name. Some species are covered with sand.

Related "animal" units: anima-; faun-; therio-.

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