aesth-, esth-, aesthe-, esthe-, aesthesio-, esthesio-, aesthesia-, -esthesia, -aesthetic, -esthetic, -aesthetical, -esthetical, -aesthetically, -esthetically

(Greek: feeling, sensation, perception)

baresthesiometer, baraesthesiometer (s) (noun); baresthesiometers; baraesthesiometers (pl)
An instrument for measuring a person's pressure senses or sensitivities of weights or pressures: Dr. Robertson, the neurologist, used a baresthesiometer while diagnosing Wendy's reaction to physical pressure.
baresthesiometric, baraesthesiometric (adjective); more baresthesiometric, most baresthesiometric; more baraesthesiometric, most baraesthesiometric
A reference to an instrument for measuring the sense of bodily pressures: The baraesthesiometric pressure of a single feather can be accurately measured on the scale.
barhypesthesia (s) (noun), barhypesthesias (pl)
An impairment or a reduction of normal physical deep pressure sensations: During a massage, Hans became aware of his barhypesthesia because he didn't feel the deep pressure sensations from the firm massage he was receiving.
bathesthesia (s) (noun), bathesthesias (pl)
Sensibility to stimuli, such as pain, movement, and pressure which activates receptors below the body surface but not in the viscera or the internal organs, especially those in the abdominal cavity: Any bathesthesia includes deep feelings of the joint sensibilities (arthresthesias) and muscle senses (myesthesias).

Sheila had such acute bathesthesia that she could feel a mosquito land on her arm.

bathyanesthesia (s) (noun), bathyanesthesias (pl)
The loss of deep sensations in the body: After the accident, the nerve damage to Harriet's leg resulted in bathyanesthesia.

When people experience bathyanesthesia, it is important that they have an escort at all times because they are in more danger of being injured without being aware of it since they can't feel normal sensations.

bathyesthesia, bathyaesthesia (s) (noun); bathyesthesias; bathyaesthesias (pl)
A consciousness or good sensibilities of the various parts of the body that are located under the surface of the skin, such as muscles, ligaments, tendons, bones, and bodily joint sensibilities: When people experience bathyesthesia, they are feeling normal sensations.
bathyhyperesthesia (s) (noun), bathyhyperesthesias (pl)
The increased sensitiveness of the structures of the body: There are various bathyhyperesthesias that involve the excessive sensitivity of muscles and other deep bodily structures.

Having the flu seemed to bring on a state of bathyhyperesthesia for Helen because she seemed to feel the discomfort and ache of every muscle and joint in her body.

bathyhypesthesia (s) (noun), bathyhypesthesias (pl)
The decreased sensitivities of muscles and other deep-bodily structures: Ivor never realized that he suffered from bathyhypesthesia until he sprained his ankle and did not feel any intense discomfort.

Zora’s bathyhypesthesia impaired her ability to feel and to describe her ulcer.

bathyhypoesthesia (s) (noun), bathyhypoesthesias (pl)
A decreased sensibility of bodily parts which exist below the surface of the skin: The medication which Dr. Smith administered induced a state of bathyhypoesthesia, which caused Susan to be generally insensitive to pain.
bradyesthesia (s) (noun), bradyesthesias (pl)
An abnormal slowness, or dullness, of sense perceptions: Due to extensive nerve damage on her hand, Mrs. Tilley experienced bradyesthesia and found it difficult to quickly distinguish between hot and cold surfaces.
cacaesthesia, cacesthesia, kakesthesia (s) (noun); cacaesthesias; cacesthesias; kakesthesias (pl)
Abnormal dysfunctional sensations on the skin, such as a feeling of numbness, tingling, a burning, or a cutting pain; heightened sensitivity: When Fred had an episode of shingles, he really felt a lot of cacaesthesia because his skin was very sensitive and painful.
cardianesthesia (s) (noun), cardianesthesias (pl)
The specialty of giving special drugs that greatly decrease pain for patients with heart disease, especially for cardiac surgery: As an intern, Mark took extensive additional training in cardianesthesia so he could specialize in this medical field at the world famous cardiology hospital.
cardiesthesia (s) (noun), cardiesthesias (pl)
A feeling, or sensation associated with the heart: When Laura feels sad, she says that she also experiences cardiesthesia or a tiredness in her heart.
cardioanesthesia (s) (noun), cardioanesthesias (pl)
An agent that is capable of inducing a total or a partial loss of sensation, especially tactile sensation and pain which is administered to patients with heart disease, particularly in preparations for cardiac surgeries: When Nadir went to the surgery room, the anesthetist administered a special cardioanesthesia.
cardioesthetic (adjective), more cardioesthetic, most cardioesthetic
A reference to the feeling associated with the heart: Sharon felt a sudden cardioesthetic sensation while she was doing her housework, so she contacted her doctor who came to examine her.

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