aesth-, esth-, aesthe-, esthe-, aesthesio-, esthesio-, aesthesia-, -esthesia, -aesthetic, -esthetic, -aesthetical, -esthetical, -aesthetically, -esthetically

(Greek: feeling, sensation, perception)

trichoanesthesia, trichoanaesthesia (s) (noun); trichoanesthesias; trichoanaesthesias (pl)
A lack of sensation when the hair is stimulated, touched, or moved: Because of her trichoanesthesia, Irene was not aware of what the hairdresser was doing unless she could watch in a mirror.
trichoesthesiometer (s) (noun), trichoesthesiometers (pl)
An electric appliance for measuring or determining the amount of sensation when the hair is touched: Dr. Hairschnitz, a dermatologist, developed a unique trichoesthesiometer which was used in the research lab to study hair, scalps, and other aspects of the skin.
unaesthetic, unesthetic (adjective); more unaesthetic, most unaesthetic; more unesthetic, most unesthetic
Referring to something that lacks the perception of beauty or artistic taste: Jerome pointed to a certain painting and said he thought it was the most unaesthetic in the entire gallery.
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zonaesthesic, zonesthesic (adjective); more zonaesthesic, most zonaesthesic; more zonesthesic, most zonesthesic
Characterized by the sensation of constriction or tightness as when a girdle or a cord is pulled around the body: While getting ready to wear her gown, Scarlett prepared herself for the zonaesthesic experience of having her girdle laced up and made tight around her stomach area.
zonesthesia, zoneaesthesia (s) (noun); zonesthesias; zoneaesthesias (pl)
A sensation that a part of the body, particularly the abdominal area, is being constricted as if there were a girdle pressing around or squeezing the waist: Allison felt that the zonesthesia which she experienced was worth it when she saw her slender waist in the mirror.

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