aesth-, esth-, aesthe-, esthe-, aesthesio-, esthesio-, aesthesia-, -esthesia, -aesthetic, -esthetic, -aesthetical, -esthetical, -aesthetically, -esthetically

(Greek: feeling, sensation, perception)

thermhyperesthesia (s) (noun), thermhyperesthesias (pl)
Excessive sensitiveness to high temperatures: Janice thought she would enjoy living in the desert, however her thermhyperesthesia made it impossible for her to make such a move.
thermhypesthesia, thermohypesthesia, thermohypoesthesia (s) (noun); thermhypesthesias; thermohypesthesias; thermohypoesthesias (pl)
Diminished sensitivity to hot or cold stimuli: As a result of his thermhypesthesia, Clarence was able to hike for miles on a cold day and still be comfortable.

Hans was sweating less than usual when he was climbing up the mountain which suggested that he was experiencing thermhypesthesia.

thermoaesthesia, thermoesthesia (s) (noun); thermoaesthesias; thermoesthesias (pl)
The body's ability to recognize and to respond to heat and cold; the sense of temperature: The body’s thermoaesthesia seems to be responsible for people's shivering or sweating depending on whether the temperatures are cold or hot during their activities.
thermoanesthesia, thermoanaesthesia (British) (noun); thermoanesthesias; thermoanaesthesias (pl)
Loss of the normal sense of temperature, or the loss of one's ability to differentiate between what is hot or of any degree of coldness: After his severe illness, Thomas appeared to experience thermoanesthesia and couldn't tell whether something was hot or cold, such as when he washed his hands after turning on the faucet with very hot water.
thermoesthesiometer, thermoaesthesiometer (s) (noun); thermoesthesiometers; thermoaesthesiometers (pl)
An instrument for measuring the sensibility of the skin to heat: When John, the medical technician, applied the thermoesthesiometer to Brian's arm, he jerked away in pain.
thermohyperaesthesia (s) (noun), thermohyperaesthesias (pl)
An extreme sensitiveness or exaggerated perception of hot or cold: Elaine was always complaining about her experiences with thermohyperaesthesia because she was often either too hot or too cold!
thermohypesthesia, thermohypaesthesia (s) (noun); thermohypesthesias; thermohypaesthesias (pl)
Diminished sensibility to heat stimuli including high temperatures: Clare had to be constantly on guard about what she was touching, especially when she was cooking because her thermohypesthesia didn't let her know when something was dangerously hot.
thermohypoesthesia (s) (noun), thermohypoesthesias (pl)
A lack of sensibility to heat stimuli: Mr. Johnson’s hands had thick calluses on them as a result of his working on the railroads which caused thermohypoesthesia, or being unaware of anything being very hot whenever he happened to touch any excessively hot objects.
thigmaesthesia, thigmesthesia (s) (noun); thigmaesthesias; thigmesthesias (pl)
Tactile sensibility or the perception of touch: Shannon worked as a supervisor in a ceramics factory where her thigmaesthesia was important when she was inspecting items for flaws.
topesthesia (s) (noun), topesthesias (pl)
The ability to localize a tactile sensation: Hanna was asked to close her eyes and to use her proficiency or capability in topesthesia to identify where the stimulators were touching her.
topoanesthesia (s) (noun), topoanesthesias (pl)
Inability to localize tactile sensations: Despite working with several psychologists and physiotherapists, Stanford’s topoanesthesia persisted and he was unable to identify where Dr. Lawson was applying the stimulators that were touching him.
topothermesthesiometer (s) (noun), topothermesthesiometers (pl)
A device for determining the sense of temperatures in different parts of a person's body: A group of students received an award and cash compensation for their work on the topothermesthesiometer which was to be used by the dermatologists who were diagnosing temperature responses among patients.
traumatic anesthesia (s) (noun), traumatic anesthesias (pl)
The loss of sensation because of an injury to a nerve: Dr. Dawson, the neurologist, explained the positive improvements of Mark's traumatic anesthesia in terms of his ability to resume jogging.
trichaesthesia, trichesthesia (s) (noun); trichaesthesias; trichesthesias (pl)
The perception which a person experiences when any of the hairs of his or her skin has been touched; which is also known as "hair follicle sensibility": Hester closed her eyes and enjoyed the relaxing trichaesthesia when her youngest boy was brushing her hair.
trichoaesthesia, trichoesthesia (s) (noun); trichoaesthesias; trichoesthesias (pl)
A feeling or sensation of having one's hair touched or of having a hair in the mouth or in an eye: Helen experienced trichoaesthesia when she felt a hair in her mouth.

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