aesth-, esth-, aesthe-, esthe-, aesthesio-, esthesio-, aesthesia-, -esthesia, -aesthetic, -esthetic, -aesthetical, -esthetical, -aesthetically, -esthetically

(Greek: feeling, sensation, perception)

esthetical (adjective), more esthetical, most esthetical
Concerning, or characterized by, an appreciation of beauty or good taste: Mark's esthetical notions or feelings are very similar to those that Maude has.
esthetically (adverb), more esthetically, most esthetically
Relating to how a sensory effect can be pleasing: Esthetically speaking, Harry's understanding and theory of beauty is significantly different from Mary's.

The painting they found was so esthetically attractive that June and Doug decided to buy it and hang it up in their living room.

estheticism, aestheticism (s) (noun); estheticisms; aestheticisms (pl)
The pursuit of, or devotion to, what is sensuously beautiful; the philosophy or theory of beauty: Frances pursued a course in estheticism while in college because she was interested in a career of interior design.
estheticokinetic (adjective), more estheticokinetic, most estheticokinetic
A reference to sensation and motion or being both sensory and motor responsive: Playing a guitar is an estheticokinetic experience in that the player must instinctively move his or her hand rapidly and accurately.
esthetophore (s) (noun), esthetophores (pl)
A substance that sustains, or maintains, consciousness: Sometimes when Helena is very tired, she drinks some strong coffee which is an esthetophore for her.

This word is difficult to find in dictionaries, however it was defined in the following lexicon and so it does exist:

—Based on a definition that exists in
Webster's New International Dictionary of the English Language,
Second edition, Unabridged; G. and C. Merriam Company;
Springfield, Massachusetts; 1952; page 875.
euesthesia (s) (noun), euesthesias (pl)
The normal or good condition of the sensations or feelings of the body: The good news from Dr. White was that Manfred was healthy, so he could now have a great feeling of euesthesia.
gargalanesthesia, gargalanaesthesia (s) (noun); gargalanesthesias; gargalanaesthesias (pl)
The absence of the sense of tickling: Trudy's cat has well-developed gargalanesthesia because, when she tries to tickle her pet, she doesn't get any response except purring.
gargalanesthetic (adjective), more gargalanesthetic, most gargalanesthetic
A reference to a lack of sensitivity or response to tickling: Flora was playing with her little gargalanesthetic daughter who never giggled nor laughed when she tried to tickle her.
gargalesthesia, gargalaesthesia (s) (noun); gargalesthesias; gargal)aesthesias (pl)
A feeling in parts of the body that perceives tickling sensations: Usually most human zones of gargalesthesia include the ribs and the bottoms of the feet.
gargalesthetic, gargalaesthetic (adjective); more gargalesthetic, most gargalesthetic; more gargalaesthetic, most gargalaesthetic
Pertaining the feeling of being tickled: Debora often plays with her daughter who is very sensitive to gargalaesthetic touches by her mother.
gastroesthesia (s) (noun), gastroesthesias (pl)
Having a sensitive stomach: Jason has gastroesthesia when he sees and/or smells something which he perceives to be disgusting.
general anaesthesia, general anesthesia (s) (noun); general anaesthesias; general anesthesias (pl)
1. A medically induced, coma-like state for an individual which resembles deep sleep: Because the surgery was complex and would last for a long time, Dr. McMahon recommended general anesthesia for Patricia.
2. A complete loss of sensation that affects the entire body with a loss of consciousness: The general anesthesia is usually accomplished after the administration of inhalation or intravenous anesthetics and it is commonly used for surgical procedures.
geoaesthesia, geoesthesia (s) (noun); geoaesthesias; geoesthesias (pl)
The capacity of a plant to perceive and to respond to gravity: For her high school botany project, Haden studied the geoaesthesia of both land and water-based plants.
glossaesthesia, glossesthesia (s) (noun); glossaesthesias; glossesthesias (pl)
Sensations, or feelings, of the tongue: "WOW!!" was Dina's response to the glossaesthesia that was caused by the hot spices in the food that she was eating because it was like having fire in her mouth!
glossocinesthetic, glossokinesthetic (adjective), more glossocinesthetic, most glossocinesthetic; more glossokinesthetic, most glossokinesthetic
Denoting, or referring to, the subjective sensation of the movements of the tongue: Dr. Smith, the dental hygienist, watched the glossocinesthetic movements of Alisa's tongue to check for any early signs of oral cancer.

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