path-, patho-, -path-, -pathia, -pathic, -pathology, -pathetic, -pathize, -pathy

(Greek: feeling, sensation, perception; suffering, disease, or disorder; a system of treating diseases)

In medicine, some of these elements usually mean "someone who suffers from a disease of, or one who treats a disease"; so, they should not be confused with the words that mean "feeling" which are also shown on these pages even though both meanings come from the same Greek element.

trichopathophobia (s) (noun) (no plural)
An abnormal anxiety of hair, its color, growth, or disorders: Jill developed trichopathophobia because she was very concerned about her tresses, after hearing about her friend Jill and the illness she had regarding losing her long locks!
trichopathy, trichopathic
1. Any disease of the hair.
2. Disease of the hair; also known as, trichonosis, trichosis.
1. Any disease caused by nutritional deficiency.
2. A disorder of nutrition; for example, a vitamin deficiency.
The opposite of sympathetic; without sympathy.
Disease of the ureter.
Pathogenic organisms in the urinary tract.
Any disorder, or disease, involving the urinary tract.
Any diseased condition of the vagina.
Any disease of the blood vessels.
1. Any disease involving both the nerves and blood vessels.
2. A combined vascular and neurologic defect, the lesions being caused by simultaneous action of both the vascular and the nervous systems, or by the interaction of the two systems.
Any abnormality of the vestibular apparatus (a space or cavity at the entrance to a canal in the ear, larynx, mouth, nose, vagina, etc.).
1. Retinopathy (inflammation of the retina) with vitreous (glasslike) complications.
2. A disorder of the vitreous humor and the retina of the eye, the most severe consequences of which are usually traction phenomena leading to the detachment of the retina.
Xanthochromia, the occurrence of patches of yellow discoloration in the skin, resembling jaundice.
zoopathology, zoopathy (s) (noun) (no pl)
The study of the diseases of animals; animal pathology: Zoopathology is a branch of medical science that deals with the causes, nature, and effects of animal diseases especially those of the lower animals.

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