philo-, phil-, -phile, -philia, -philic, -philous, -phily, -philiac, -philist, -philism

(Greek: love, loving, friendly to, fondness for, attraction to; strong tendency toward, affinity for)

These are just a few of the meanings set up for the etymological meanings of philo- which comes to us from Greek.

In biology, there are many words that use philo-, phil- to mean "thriving in such and such a place or situation; or exhibiting a tendency for a specified condition" for its existence.

Other meanings include: "strongly attracted to; such as, an organism that loves or is strongly attracted to something which is specified".

In psychology and psychiatry, -phile, -philia, etc. use this element as a word termination indicating an abnormal craving or attraction to or an affinity for an object as shown by the word stems to which they are affixed.

psyllium hydrophilic mucilloid
Mucilloid (moist, soft, and viscid) prepared from psyllium seeds.

It is used as a bulk-type laxative.

In biology, living in deciduous forests [trees that lose their leaves in autumn and grow new ones in the spring].
In biology, dwelling in deciduous thickets (plants that lose their leaves in autumn and grow new ones in the spring).
In psychiatry, one who has a special love for young girls and might include a sexual desire for them.
Someone who has a special fondness for working and solving puzzles.
A special love of or fondness for working and solving puzzles.
A person who is especially fond of buttocks.
A strong fondness for buttocks or rumps.
pygophilous (adjective), more pygophilous, most pygophilous
1. A reference to fondness for sexy back sides.
2. Pertaining to men who have a special attraction for female bottoms.
1. Someone who has a special attraction to fires.
2. A person who is obsessed with fire.
3. In botany, plants that thrive on ground that has recently been scorched by fire.
Plants which actually require fire for reproduction.
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