philo-, phil-, -phile, -philia, -philic, -philous, -phily, -philiac, -philist, -philism

(Greek: love, loving, friendly to, fondness for, attraction to; strong tendency toward, affinity for)

These are just a few of the meanings set up for the etymological meanings of philo- which comes to us from Greek.

In biology, there are many words that use philo-, phil- to mean "thriving in such and such a place or situation; or exhibiting a tendency for a specified condition" for its existence.

Other meanings include: "strongly attracted to; such as, an organism that loves or is strongly attracted to something which is specified".

In psychology and psychiatry, -phile, -philia, etc. use this element as a word termination indicating an abnormal craving or attraction to or an affinity for an object as shown by the word stems to which they are affixed.

aelurophily (s) (noun), aelurophilies (pl)
A very strong affection for cats: Abigail's grandmother had such an aelurophily for cats that she usually had a dozen or more of them living with her.

An overwhelming fondness to have cats.
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aerohygrophile (s) (noun), aerohygrophiles (pl)
Plants or animals that flourish in high altitudes that are very damp.
aerohygrophilous (adjective) (not comparable)
In botany, relating to aerial and hydrophilous vegetation: In her botany class, Sandy learned all about aerohygrophilous plants which were acclimatized for thriving in a high atmospheric humidity being moist or even wet.
aerohygrophily (s) (noun), aerohygrophilies (pl)
Vegetation or animal life which luxuriate in exceedingly lofty areas.
aerophilatelic (adjective) (not comparable)
Referring to an accumulation of stamps which are used for sending mail by aircraft.
aerophilately (s) (noun), aerophilatelies (pl)
The collecting of airmail stamps: Jack had a new hobby of aerophilately, and not only did he start accumulating stamps from all over the world, but he also studied the cancellations on the stamps and envelopes which he also saved.
aerophilatist (s) (noun), aerophilatists (pl)
Those who amass or collect postage stamps used for faster delivery via airplanes.
aerophile (s) (noun), aerophiles (pl)
1. A person who loves aviation: Raymond's next-door neighbor was an aerophile who was a total fan of flying, and even had his ownf full size glider!
2. A plant pollinated by wind: Martin had a lovely garden which had lots of aerophiles that were all fertilized by airborne pollen.
3. The name of a French company that has tethered helium bags which can float in the air: The Aerophile company has balloons each of which is restrained by a cable attached to the ground or a vehicle so they cannot float freely and operate as tourist attractions around the world.
aerophilic (adjective) (not comparable)
Pertaining to the necessity of air for proper growth; aerobic: Aerophilic microorganisms flourish best in the proximity of molecular oxygen.
aerophilous (adjective), more aerophilous, most aerophilous
A reference to plants which are pollinated by the wind or fertilized by airborne pollen: Aerophilous plants can very well grow in exposed windy habitats because of an environment full of oxygen!
aerophily (s) (noun), aerophilies (pl)
A plant which thrives in exposed windy habitats: Flowers of some trees or bushes are aerophilies and are pollinated by wind or fertilized by airborne pollen.
agglutinophilic (adjective), more agglutinophilic, most agglutinophilic
Pertaining to being readily united as if by glue: Agglutinophilic processes involve suspended bacteria, cells, or other particles forming into clumps; usually, as a result of some antibody which is developed by white blood cells to neutralize an antigen or foreign protein in the body.

The agglutinophilic antibodies that are formed are intended to help the body to counteract or to destroy the invading microorganisms which can be dangerous to one's health.

agrophile (s) (noun), agrophiles (pl)
Anything that thrives in farm lands.
agrophilous (adjective), more agrophilous, most agrophilous
1. A reference to living in agricultural soils.
2. Relating to a natural existence in grain fields.
agrophily (s) (noun), agrophilies (pl)
A state, a condition, or a process of living and thriving where crops are grown.
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