grapho-, graph-, -graph, -graphy, -grapher, -graphia

(Greek: to scratch; to write, to record, to draw, to describe; that which is written or described)

As indicated at the bottom of this page, there is a significantly large number of graphic word-entry groups in this unit. Such an extensive listing is provided to show how important the grapho- element is to the English language.

lexicograph (s) (noun), lexicographs (pl)
A written example of a single word.
lexicographer (s), lexicographers (pl) (nouns)
1. A person who writes or compiles a dictionary or dictionaries.
2. People who are involved in the compilations and productions of lexicons or dictionaries.
lexicographian (s) (noun), lexicographians (pl)
The act, process, art, or work involved in the process of writing or compiling a dictionary or dictionaries.
lexicographic (adjective), more lexicographic, most lexicographic
A reference to the the gathering of content and the production of a dictionary: "A new lexicographic edition will be published sometime next year."
lexicographical (adjective), more lexicographical, most lexicographical
Pertaining to the organization and production of dictionaries: "Janine's friend got a job with a lexicographical publisher to create a new style of dictionary that makes it easier for users to understand the definitions without using another form of the word entry to define it."
lexicographicolatry (s) (noun), lexicographicolatries (pl)
1. An excessive reverence or devotion to the authority of dictionaries.
2. Etymology: literally, "the worship of dictionaries" or an excessively strong feeling of respect and admiration for dictionaries.
lexicography (s), lexicographies (pl) (nouns)
The art or practice of organizing, composing, and publishing dictionaries.
lexigraphic (adjective), more lexigraphic, most lexigraphic
Descriptive of the art, or practice, of defining words; or the production of definitions for words.
lexigraphy (s) (noun), lexigraphies (pl)
1. A system of writing in which each character stands for a word.
2. The art or practice of defining words or the definition of words.
3. Sometimes the art of defining words or compiling lexicons.
1. Radiography of the spleen.
2. A written description of the spleen.
Wood engraving.
An apparatus for automatically recording the variations of levels in a lake.
1. The scientific study of bodies of fresh water and the descriptions of their biota.
2. Recordings of the variations of water levels in lakes, rivers, and streams.
1. A reference to the unintentional omissions in writing, as of specific letters or syllables.
2. Relating to the avoidance of a certain letter or syllable in a text.
1. Unintentional omission in writing, as of a specific letter or syllable.
2. The inadvertent omission of a letter, syllable, etc. in writing.

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