grapho-, graph-, -graph, -graphy, -grapher, -graphia

(Greek: to scratch; to write, to record, to draw, to describe; that which is written or described)

As indicated at the bottom of this page, there is a significantly large number of graphic word-entry groups in this unit. Such an extensive listing is provided to show how important the grapho- element is to the English language.

One who analyzes handwriting as an expression of character.
graphology (s) (noun), graphologies (pl)
1. The system or notation used in dealing with diagram showing the relation between variable quantities,.
2. The art of judging a person's character, disposition, and aptitude from his/her handwriting.
3. The study of handwriting; especially, in order to assess somebody's personality from patterns or features of his or her writing.
4. The linguistic study of writing; such as, the study of writing systems and their relationships to the sound systems of languages.
The study of handwriting when used to analyze the character of the writer.
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The study of handwriting as a clue to one's natural ability to do something.
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Divination, or fortune telling, with handwriting analysis.
graphomania (s) (noun), graphomanias (pl)
An impulsive obsession with writing or a compulsive need to write, often without regard to the worth of what is being written.
An abnormal desire to write.
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Anyone who has a mania, or excessive impulse and desire, to write.
A mathematical instrument, used for measuring angles in surveying; otherwise called a semi-circle. Also, a goniometer used in crystallography.
1. Relating to the movements used in writing.
2. Describing, pertaining to, or affecting the movements used in writing.
graphopathologist (s) (noun), graphopathologists (pl)
Someone who interprets personality disorders from the study of handwriting: Jack thought his uncle's job as a graphopathologist was super interesting because the penmanship of a person was the clue to any mental illnesses that a person might have.
graphopathology (s) (noun) (no pl)
In psychology, the study of handwriting as a symptom of a mental or an emotional disorder: Graphopathology can be described as the medical interpretation or diagnosis of personality disorders based on an individual's handwriting.
graphophobia (s) (noun) (no plural)
A pathological and extreme aversion of writing: Arno wasn't very good in school, especially in English and suffered from graphophobia, and he avoided jotting down anything, even a shopping list or his signature while others were looking!

This may be a result of a fear of criticism of one's penmanship and misspellings, as well as a fear of committing ideas to paper for others to see.

1. A trademark name used for a phonograph that uses wax records.
2. The name of one of the instruments for recording and reproducing sound.
1. An inordinate, uncontrolled, senseless writing, whose purpose seems to be to fill pages rather than to record or transmit a message.
2. Writing in excessive amounts, sometimes incoherently associated with a schizophrenic disorder.
3. Extreme wordiness in writing.
An apparatus containing a magnifying lens arranged for viewing engravings, photographs, etc.
1. Writer’s cramp.
2. Muscular spasms of thumb and forefinger while writing with a pen or pencil.

A dystonia that affects the muscles of the hand and sometimes the forearm and only occurs during handwriting.

Similar focal dystonias have also been called typist's cramp, pianist's cramp, musician's cramp, golfer's cramp, and computer cramp.

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