grapho-, graph-, -graph, -graphy, -grapher, -graphia

(Greek: to scratch; to write, to record, to draw, to describe; that which is written or described)

As indicated at the bottom of this page, there is a significantly large number of graphic word-entry groups in this unit. Such an extensive listing is provided to show how important the grapho- element is to the English language.

cacography (s) (noun), cacographies (pl)
1. Bad writing or bad handwriting; opposed to calligraphy: Olive has always been told that her cacography was astonishing and that she was the only one could read it.
2. Incorrect spelling; a bad system of spelling; such as, that of current English; an antonym of orthography: Carol noticed a lot of cacography in the newspaper and so she wrote a letter to the editor suggesting that he should hire a proofreader.
Bad handwriting and bad spelling.
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calligraph (s) (noun), calligraphs (pl)
Something written in an appealing and ornamental style: Even in these modern times, Denis had the skills to create calligraphs that were admired for their beauty.
calligrapher (s) (noun), calligraphers (pl)
1. Writing with elegant penmanship: Ursula used her skills as a calligrapher to compose the beautifully written invitations to guests to attend her daughter's wedding.
2. Someone who is skilled in the art of eye-appealing or fine handwriting and penmanship: The famed calligrapher wrote a book about the art and practice of artistic writing by hand.
Someone skilled in penmanship.
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calligraphic (adjective), more calligraphic, most calligraphic
Relating to the art of fine or attractive handwriting skills.
calligraphical (adjective), more calligraphical, most calligraphical
A reference to artistic and superb forms of lettered presentations.
calligraphist (s) [caligraphist] (sometimes); (noun); calligraphists (pl) [caligraphists] (sometimes)
A person who is skilled in elegant penmanship.
A calligraphist is writing artistic writing from one book to another book.
A calligraphist is copying calligraphy from one calligraphic book to another one.
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calligraphy (s) (noun); calligraphies (pl)
1. The art or skill of fine or beautiful penmanship or handwriting: As part of her Fine Arts degree, Gretchen studied Medieval calligraphy and prepared a portfolio of her work.
2. Good or artistic handwriting skills: The English instructor expects her students to use their best calligraphy when writing their essays.
3. A script of high aesthetic value produced by a brush; especially, that of Chinese, Japanese, or Arabic origin: It took Theresa many months to master the art of ancient Chinese calligraphy.
4. Works produced in beautiful handwriting that are considered as a group: The local museum is presenting an international exhibit of calligraphy with examples from the past of early Arabic writing as well as modern samples.
Beautiful writing with an inkpen.
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Skilled penmanship.
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calligrapist (s) (noun), calligrapists (pl)
Anyone who is skilled in the art of stylish and artistic handwriting.
capnograph (s) (noun), capnographs (pl)
1. An instrument by which a continuous graph of the carbon dioxide content of expired air is obtained.
2. A system for monitoring the concentration of exhaled carbon dioxide, consisting of a sensor placed in the breathing circuit or a tube that carries part of the exhaled gases to the analyzing device, a mass spectrometer or an infrared spectrometer, and devices to provide continuous visual (cathode ray tube) and graphic (printer) displays.
capnography (s) (noun), capnographies (pl)
Monitoring of the concentration of exhaled carbon dioxide in order to assess the physiologic status of patients with acute respiratory problems or who are receiving mechanical ventilation and to determine the adequacy of ventilation in anesthetized patients.
capnohepatography (s) (noun, capnohepatographies (pl)
Radiography of the liver containing gas in its vascular tributaries after the intravenous administration of carbon dioxide.
cardiograph (s) (noun, cardiographs (pl)
An instrument for recording the heart activities: Cardiographs are used when diagnosing heart conditions or disorders.
cardiographic (adjective), more cardiographic, most cardiographic
1. A reference to an instrument for recording some element of the heart beat.
2. Descriptive of an instrument used to record the mechanical movements of the heart.
cardiography (s) (noun), cardiographies (pl)
The analysis of heart conditions by instrumental methods as applied by medical physicians; especially, by tracings which record their movements.
cardiokymograph (s) (noun), cardiokymographs (pl)
A noninvasive device, placed on the chest, which is capable of recording anterior left ventricle segmental wall motion: Cardiokymographs consist of a five-cm diameter capacitive plate transducer as part of a high frequency, low-power oscillator with a recording probe that changes in wall motions that affect the magnetic field and thus the oscillatory frequency which is then recorded on a multichannel analog waveform polygraph.

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