ven-, vent-, veni-, ventu-

(Latin: come, coming)

1. A mutual agreement between two or more persons to do or refrain from doing certain acts; a compact, contract, bargain; sometimes, the undertaking, pledge, or promise of one of the parties.
2. Applied to the engagement with God which is entered into by believers at their baptism, or admission into the visible church.
dorsoventral (adjective), more dorsoventral, most dorsoventral
Relating to being directed from the posterior to the abdominal or stomach surface.
1. An occurrence, especially one that is particularly significant, interesting, exciting, or unusual.
2. Any thing that happens at a given place and time.
3. An organized occasion; such as, a social function or sports competition.
4. Any of the races or other competitions that form part of a larger sports occasion, e.g., the Olympic Games.
1. Things that happen, will happen, or have happened; especially, those things which are considered important or unusual.
2. Significant occurrences, consequences, or happenings; in the present, past, or the future.
3. Things that happen at a given place and time.
4. Organized occasions; such as, social functions, sports competitions, etc.
1. Happening in the course of time or events, usually much later; ultimately resulting.
2. Depending on circumstances or unknown future events.
A possible occurrence or result, especially something undesirable or unexpected.
1. After a long time, especially after many problems or setbacks.
2. At some later time after a series of events.
1. To happen as a final result.
2. To be the issue; to result, come about.
In cardiology, relating to or affecting only the ventricle and not the atria.
1. An inconvenient circumstance; something that interferes with ease or comfort, or causes trouble; a disadvantage, a discomfort.
2. To cause someone difficulties, especially relatively minor or unnecessary ones, or unwanted extra effort, work, or trouble.