axillo-, axill-, axil-

(Latin: armpit; angle; borrowed directly from Latin ala which meant both "wing" and "the hollow under a wing or an arm")

axillary vein (s) (noun), axillary veins (pl)
The large vein passing through the armpit which is continuous with the basilica vein (below) and the subclavian vein (above): The axillary veins supply both sides of the body's three muscles; deltoid (a muscle of the shoulder), trees minor (one of the rotator cuff muscles) and the long head of the triceps brachia (an elbow extensor).
axillofemoral bypass graft (s) (noun), axillofemoral bypass grafts (pl)
A synthetic artery that is surgically anastomosed (come together or open into each other) to the axillary and common femoral (thigh) arteries in cases of peripheral (partial) arterial insufficiencies: The axillofemoral bypass grafts cause blood to move along a path that is different from the one it normally uses between those arteries; therefore, increasing blood flow to the lower extremities of the body.
cervicoaxillary (s) (adjective) (not comparable)
Referring to the neck and the cavity beneath the junction of the arm and the body, or the hollow under the arm where it is joined to the shoulder: After a great deal of working out and sweating at the fitness studio, Jeff took a shower so the cervicoaxillary parts of his body would not present "body odor".
oxter (s) (noun), oxters (pl)
1. A person's armpit and the area around which the arm rotates; also, the arm: After picking up her newspaper, Vickie went to the laundry room and put her clothes on her left arm and her newspaper in her right oxter as she steadied the clothing with her right hand.

Mattie noticed a lump on the surface of her right oxter and was concerned that it might be a sign of breast cancer; so, she went to Dr. Schmidt to have it checked.

2. Etymology: from Old English ohsta or oxta, "armpit". The origin of oxter is not from Latin; however, it is indirectly related to Latin axilla, "armpit".

The word oxter is used in certain areas of the world (Scotland, Ireland, Northern England), and it serves as a reminder that there are many other local and colloquial names for parts of the human anatomy.

oxter (verb), oxters; oxtered; oxtering
To support by the arm; to walk arm-in-arm with; to take or to carry under the arm; to fold the arm around: Madeline and Percy were oxtering, or walking together arm-in-arm, in the fresh air early in the morning.

Muriel oxtered or folded her arms around her newly-born baby, Jimmy, when she left the hospital.

periaxillary (adjective) (not comparable)
Surrounding, around, or adjacent to the armpits: Neal went to the doctor to find out why he had periaxillary pains in both of his arms.