thanato-, thanat-, thanas-, -thanasia, -thanasic, -thanatous +

(Greek: death, dead)

passive euthanasia
Death resulting from the cessation of "heroic measures", or undertaking a procedure of therapy that is associated with an element of daring, or boldness, taken in an attempt to save a patient's life so as to prolong a life.

The term "heroic measure", refers to an aggressive, daring procedure in a dangerously ill patient that, in itself may endanger the patient but also has a possibility of being successful; whereas, a lesser degree of efforts would inevitably result in failure.

Poem: Thanatopsis by William Cullen Bryant
A poet who is expressing his thoughts about death which is the fate of every human being.
Killing quickly, rapidly fatal.
The belief or doctrine that at death the human soul ceases to exist.
A believer in thanatism.
Pertaining to death and life.
Related to the processes of life and death.
Studies related to the processes involved in life and death.
thanatocoenosis, thanatocenosis
An assemblage of organisms brought together after death.
thanatogeography (s) (noun), thanatogeographies (pl)
The study of the distributions of dead organisms: Kitty was fascinated by thanatogeography in which she learned all about the dispersal of dead forms of life over all or over part of the world.
1. Knowing the approach of death, characteristic of the approach of death, or indicating the approach of death.
2. Indicative or characteristic of the approach of death.
3. A fatal prognosis indicating a knowledge of the approach of death.
thanatograph, thanatographic
1. An account of a person’s death.
2. A description of someone’s symptoms and thoughts while dying.
1. A description of death including its signs and accompanying changes; a treatise about death.
2. An account of a person’s death.
3. A written description of someone’s medical symptoms and thoughts while dying.
Resembling death; apparently dead; deathlike.
A reference to thanatology.

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