(Latin: one and a half; normally used as a prefix; from Latin, semis “half” + que “and”)

In chemistry, three atoms or equivalents of the [specified] element or radical are combined with two of another, as in iron sesquioxide, Fe 2O3. Also defined as the proportion of two (of one radical or element) to three (of another).

In the ratio of nine to eight, or 1 1/8 to 1.
A thing a foot and a half in length.
sesquipedalia (s) (noun), sesquipedalias (pl)
A reference to a foot and half in length or to very long words: "Hellen's history professor, Dr. Mason, had a tendency to speak in sesquipedalia, using long, multi-syllable words instead of clear straightforward language."
sesquipedalian (s) (noun), sesquipedalians (pl)
1. Words and expressions with an abnormal number of letters or syllables: "While ped may refer to a foot as a measure of length, it can also refer to what the Roman poet, Horace, spoke humorously of as, sesquipedalia verba; words which are a 'foot and a half long' and which exist in English as sesquipedalians with the same meanings."
2. A person or thing that is a foot and a half in height or length: "The hikers were startled to see the footprints in the snow that were obviously sesquipedalians in size and which made the hikers wonder if a mountain monster lived in the area."
sesquipedalian (adjective), more sesquipedalian, most sesquipedalian
Conveying big polysyllabic words: Mark was trying to impress his classmates in by presenting sesquipedalian versions of well-known proverbs for them to interpret.

The sesquipedalian contents of some scientific and medical definitions in dictionaries can be very frustrating for most people to comprehend.

Jason was a person who loved to impress people by using sesquipedalian terms; even though it tended to confuse them and it hindered his ability to communicate what he wanted them to know.

Addicted to the use of very big words.
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Pertaining to long and ponderous words.
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sesquipedalianism, sesquipedalism (s) (noun); sesquipedalianisms, sesquipedalisms (pl)
The practice of using, long and obscure words in speech or writing: "The senator's speech was sprinkled with sesquipedalianisms which confused reporters and other members of the audience because he was speaking with many incomprehensibly big words."

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sesquipedalianist (s) (noun), sesquipedalianist (pl)
A person who uses excessively long words: "The vocabulary class had a contest to see which sesquipedalianists could come up with presentations of simple proverbs that have been turned into multi-syllable words."
sesquipedality (s) (noun), sesquipedalities (pl)
The practice of using abnormally long words: "The famous orators, who were famous for their sesquipedalties, engaged in verbal debates as they tried to use longer words than their opponents."
sesquipedalophobia (s) (noun), sesquipedalophobias (pl)
A hatred of big words: Catherine's English essay instructor had a sesquipedalophia that she instilled in all of her students, urging them to use vocabulary contents that are easy to read and to comprehend.
sesquiplane (s) (noun), sesquiplanes (pl)
A fixed-wing aircraft (biplane) with one pair of wings much longer than the other pair: "Hans, a famed pilot, was determined to learn to fly the sesquiplane which was unique in its wing structure."
Aspect of two heavenly bodies when separated by one and a half quadrants (135 degrees).
In music, a major third.
In music, a minor third.

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