scrib-, script-, -scribe, -scription, -scriptive

(Latin: write, record)

Writing has not always been available for the "common person" to utilize. In the past it was restricted only to the few who were educated especially for that purpose either as scribes or monks who dedicated their lives to this vocation. You can learn more about the ancient Egyptian scribes by clicking on the link at the bottom of this page.

1. Having a postscript.
2. Added in a postscript.
prescribe (verb), prescribes; prescribed; prescribing
1. To officially follow a doctor's instructions for a patient to follow a particular course of medical treatment: Jim's doctor prescribed a medicine that had details of how often the drug had to be taken, how much was to be consumed, and other relevant information for him to follow.
2. To present rules or instructions that are to be followed exactly as presented: Mark's new employer prescribes that new workers must pass a physical examination before they can become employees or members of the company.
3. To do something that is suggested as a way to accomplish or to make an objective or an intention succeed as desired: A group of many parents is prescribing the improvement of the educational system in their community.
4. Etymology: from Latin praescribere, "to write before or in front, to order, to direct" from prae-, "before" + scribere, "to write."
To instruct someone to do something.
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prescribed (adjective) (not comparable)
1. Regarding something urged or put forward by a doctor: Sammy was sure to take the prescribed medicine every night before going to bed.
2. Pertaining to something which has been fixed, set, or laid down in a formal way, as set by a rule or order: Mrs. Timmons had to arrive at work at the prescribed time every day and without exception.

The product sold in the store has met the prescribed standards set by the government.
3. Referring to an action which conforms to set usage, discipline, or procedure: All the students in school had to leave the building in a prescribed order when the fire alarm went off.

1. Someone who indicates something as a guide, direction, or rule of action; to specify with authority.
2: To designate, or to order, the use of as a remedy.
prescript (s) (noun), prescripts (pl)
1. A rule, or regulation, that has been laid down, usually in writing. The club made a prescript, or a set of codes, to direct its administrative action or procedures.
2. A specified guide for action or behavior: One important prescript for everyday life is etiquette, a set of rules for acceptable and preferred conduct in society.
prescription (s) (noun), prescriptions (pl)
1. A written order issued by a physician or other qualified practitioner that authorizes a pharmacist to supply a particular medication with instructions on its use for a certain patient: After her appointment at Dr. Smith's office, Josephine took her prescription to the local apothecary to get her antibiotics.
2. A written order from an optometrist or ophthalmologist for glasses of a particular type and strength to correct the eyesight of a specified individual: Lisa took her prescription for contact lenses to the optician's and received them after only one week!
3. A proven method for causing something else to happen: One of the best prescriptions for staying healthy is laughter and good sleep!
4. The practice of laying down laws, rules, and regulations: The hotel had specific prescriptions that the cleaning staff were never allowed to meddle or tamper with the clothes or objects of the guests.
prescriptive (adjective); more prescriptive, most prescriptive
1. Pertaining to something or someone that gives directives: The correct forms of grammar usage are set by prescriptive rules that children in school must learn!
2. Relating to a long-standing custom or usage: Some older teachers at school had the prescriptive advantage of having their own desks for working during their free periods.
3. Referring to the establishment of laws or rules: Many important prescriptive regulations have been made by the government during the Coronavirus pandemic in order to protect as many people as possible.
1. Sanctioned or authorized by long-standing custom or usage. 2. Relating to the making or giving of injunctions, directions, laws, or rules.
proscribable (adjective), more proscribable, most proscribable
1. Able to be denounced or condemned as being dangerous or harmful; prohibitive: Certain religions have a list of foods that are proscribable and should not be eaten.
2. Possible of being put outside the protection of the law; outlawed: In the story that Greg was reading, heretics were proscribable and banished from the country by the king.
proscribe (verb), proscribes; proscribed; proscribing
1. To remove from the protection of the law or rules, to outlaw: Strikes by military personnel have always been and are still proscribed or forbidden.

The school administration proscribed, or did not allow, the use of cell phones in its classes.

2. To reject, to condemn, or to denounce something as useless or dangerous; to prohibit, to interdict: There are more and more public places that are proscribing smoking which is much more healthy for everyone.
3. To banish or to expel from a country, community, or group: The illegal alien was proscribed back to his native country.
4. Etymology: from Latin proscribere, "to publish in writing, to condemn" from pro-, "before" + scribere, "to write."
To condemn, to prohibit, or to outlaw.
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To condemn, to prohibit, or to outlaw.
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1. Someone who dooms something to destruction.
2. Anyone who denounces a person, or situation, as dangerous, or as utterly unworthy of reception.
3. A person who condemns or forbids something, or someone, as being harmful or unlawful.
1. An act of condemning or forbidding something.
2. The condition of having been denounced or exiled.
Qui scribit bis legit.
He who writes reads twice.

A suggestion that it is a good idea to write out something that one wishes to learn thoroughly.

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Writing again.
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