scrib-, script-, -scribe, -scription, -scriptive

(Latin: write, record)

Writing has not always been available for the "common person" to utilize. In the past it was restricted only to the few who were educated especially for that purpose either as scribes or monks who dedicated their lives to this vocation. You can learn more about the ancient Egyptian scribes by clicking on the link at the bottom of this page.

A passage; such as, a note affixed to a letter which is written before or above; as opposed to postscript.
ascribable (adjective), more ascribable, most ascribable
Capable of being credited to or assigned to: Jim's term paper was full of spelling mistakes ascribable to his failure in proofreading it before turning it in to his teacher.
1. To write into; to add to a writing, register, list, etc.
2. To annex or to add in writing; to subscribe.
3. To refer to a supposed cause, source, or author; assign (transfer to someone else in writing); attribute (naturally belonging to a thing or person).
Held to service as attached to the soil; said of feudal serfs.
1. A statement that assigns, or attributes, something to someone or something else.
2. The social status derived from the circumstances into which someone is born.
3. The act of imputing or affirming to belong.
1. Appended to a list, additional.
2. Merely ascribed or attributed to
To write in a scrawling hand; to scribble, to scribble on.
circumscribe (verb), circumscribes; circumscribed; circumscribing
1. To draw a line around; to encompass with (or as with) a bounding line, to form the boundary of, to bound.
2. To mark out or lay down the limits of; to enclose within limits, limit, bound, confine (usually figuratively); especially, to confine within narrow limits, to restrict the free or extended action of, to hem in, to restrain, to abridge.
circumscribed (adjective), more circumscribed, most circumscribed
Pertaining to being confined within bounds or restricted to a confined space, as an anatomic part.
circumscriber (s) (noun), circumscribers (pl)
Someone who, or that which restricts or limits.
circumscript (s) (noun), circumscripts (pl)
1. Something or someone who is limited or confined.
2. Enclosed or encompassed.
circumscription (s) (noun), circumscriptions (pl)
1. A boundary or outline; a limitation or restriction.
2. An engraving or lettering around a coin, medal, etc.
1. Subject to limits.
2. Showing or determining a boundary.
To enroll, levy (an army); to enlist (a soldier).
1. To enroll for compulsory service in the armed forces; draft into the military.
2. To force (labor, capital, etc.) into service for the government.
Ancient hieroscribe symbol There is a special presentation about the history of the ancient scribes at this "Professional-Egyptian scribe story", Part 1.

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