robor-, robust-

(Latin: strengthening; to make stronger, to invigorate; strength)

robustiously (adverb), more robustiously, most robustiously
Descriptive of being something done vigorously in a rough, coarse, crude, or unrefined way.
robustly (adverb), more robustly, most robustly
Pertaining to someone that is strong and healthy or hardy and vigorous.
robustness (s) (noun), robustnesses (pl)
A character or quality that is having or exhibiting strength or vigorous health.
uncorroborated (adjective), more uncorroborated, most uncorroborated
A referenced to something that is not confirmed nor supported by evidence; weakened.
unrobust (adjective), more unrobust, most unrobust
Conveying a weakness or an unhealthy action and appearance; or relating to a lack of vigor.