phreno-, phren-, phreni-, phrenico-, phrenic-, -phrenia, -phrenic, -phrenically

(Greek: mind, brain; the midriff or the diaphragm; mental disorder)

paraphrenia, paraphrenic
1. Severe paranoid illness without deterioration of other cognitive or affective processes.
2. The most common usage of the term today is to denote a disorder characterized by phantastic, absurd, paralogical delusions without deterioration, dementia, or loss of contact with reality except in the area of the delusional system.
3. In paranoid schizophrenia, on the other hand, there is deterioration and splitting off of many of the psychic functions, while in paranoia the delusions are so logical, at least on the surface, as to appear to be little more than an extension of the premorbid personality.
1. Mental derangement in general.
2. A reference to inflammation of the diaphragm, formerly thought to be invariably accompanied by delirium; hence applied to delirium supposed to be so produced.
pericardiacophrenic, pericardiophrenic
Referring to the pericardium and the diaphragm.
1. Pain in the diaphragm.
2. An acute mental distress; psychalgia; melancholia.
An obsolete term for mental retardation; feeble-mindedness.
An obsolete term for atrophy of the brain.
An obsolete term for encphalitis.
phrenetic (adjective), more phrenetic, most phrenetic
1. Descriptive of an individual who is delirious or mentally deranged; insane: When the football team lost the final game after winning all of the others, the phrenetic coach displayed his anger by yelling at the players for several minutes.
2. Pertaining to someone who is affected with excessive excitement or enthusiasm; especially, in religious matters: The evangelist had a phrenetic celebration with the members of the church during and after his sermon.
3. Etymology: from Greek phrenitikos and from Latin phreneticus, "brain disease"; from phren, "mind".
Relating to being extremely up set.
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An obsolete term for phrenology and hypnosis.
phreniatry, phreniatria, phreniatric
A reference to the treatment and cure of mental disorders.
phrenic, phrenics
1. Referring to or affecting the diaphragm; diaphragmatic.
2. Pertaining to, or relating to, the mind.
3. That branch of science which relates to the mind; psychology.
phrenicectomy, phrenectomy
Surgical removal or destruction of a section of a phrenic nerve; formerly carried out as an alternative to phrenicotomy.
phreniclasia, phreniclasis; phrenemphraxis; phrenicotripsy
Crushing of the phrenic nerve with a clamp to produce temporary paralysis of the diaphragm.
Relating to the diaphragm and the stomach.
Relating to the diaphragm and the glottis; denoting a spasm involving the diaphragm and the vocal cords.

Inter-related cross references, directly or indirectly, involving the "mind, mental" word units: anima-; anxi-; deliri-; hallucina-; menti-; moro-; noo-; nous; psych-; thymo-2.