orchido-, orchid-, orchio-, orchi-, -orchium

(Greek > Latin: testes; testicles)

The terms testis (singular) and testes (plural) refer to the male reproductive gland (or glands), the source of spermatozoa and of the androgens, usually paired in an external scrotum in man and certain other mammals. The word testicle is a diminutive of testis.

Surgical reconstruction of the testis.
Scrotal tumor with scrotal hernia.
Hardening of the testes.
Medical treatment of the gonads with testicular extracts.
orchiotomy, orchotomy
Incision and drainage of a testis.
orchis (singular), orchises (plural)
Testis, testes.
1. Pertaining to, causing, or affected with orchitis.
2. Denoting orchitis.
Inflammation of the testis. The disease is marked by pain, swelling, and a feeling of weight. It may occur idiopathically, or it may be associated with conditions such as mumps, gonorrhea, filarial disease, syphilis, or tuberculosis.
Excision of the testicles; castration.
Inflammation of the tunica vaginalis testis.
1. Having more than two testicles.
2. The presence of one or more supernumerary testes.
A condition in which the testes descend to the scrotum but continue to move up and down, rising high in the inguinal canal at one time and descending to the scrotum at another.
synorchism, synorchidism
Fusion of the testicles, usually within the abdomen or scrotum.
A condition in which there are three testes.
1. Reestablishment of the interrupted seminiferous channels by uniting the tubules of the epididymis or of the rete testis to the divided end of the vas deferens.
2. The operation of suturing tubules of the epididymis to the ductus (vas) deferens. Maturation and storage of sperm occur in the epididymis.

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