-onym, -onymy, -onymic, -onymically, -onymous, -onymously, -nym

(Greek: name; word)

A medical term or medical nomenclature.
1. A new name, of a species, etc., based on the same older name.
2. Having the same surname.
3. A word of the same derivation or form as another name.
malonym (s) (noun), malonyms (pl)
A bad or an unpleasant name: There are some people who use malonyms to describe unpleasant situations or people whom they hate or do not respect.
matronym, metronym
A name derived from that of a mother or maternal ancestor.
A reference to a name that is derived from a mother or a matrilineal ancestor; rather than that of s father or s male ancestor.
1. A word that refers to a part of what another word refers to; such as, in the relationship between leg and ankle, "ankle" is a meronym; in the relationship between brim and hat, "brim" is a meronym; and "finger" is a meronym of hand because a finger is part of a hand; and "sleeve" and "cuff" are meronyms of shirt.
2. A term midway between two opposites; for example, "flat" between convex and concave; as well as, "present" between past and future.
1. An additional name or epithet.
2. A figure of speech that consists of substituting the name of a thing for something closely related.
3. A rhetorical or stylistic device in which one thing is named or referred to by the name of another related thing; for example. the use of "White House" when referring to the presidential administration of the United States; as well as, "the Crown" referring to a monarchy, "the bottle" referring to alcohol: "He just got himself off the bottle after years of trying to control his alcoholism."
1. Using the name of one thing for that of another with which it is closely associated.
2. A figure of speech consisting of the use of the name of one thing for that of another of which it is an attribute or with which it is associated; such as, "crown" in "lands belonging to the crown".
1. Derived from the name of a mother or other female ancestor; especially, by the addition of a suffix or prefix which indicates descent.
2. Also applied to a people or state of society where such a system of naming prevails.
3. A name derived from that of a mother or maternal ancestor.

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